July 16th, 2011

Photography: Sakura

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Your Links For Today:

Food: Kimono Wine Bar Where I went on Wednesday evening. I posted some photos on Facebook, but the main thing to say is that the fried avocado was amazing.
Grammar: 50 Years of Stupid Grammar
Japan: Gaijin Card To Be Discontinued
Music: Visual Kei Bands Do Disney
Music: Reconciling Fuji Rock's Eco Desires and Reality
Nature: Jellyfish swarm!
Nature: Crocodile Photograph Prompts Concern
Photography: Portraits that use the lighting around sunrise/sunset
Radiation: Amateur scientists create radiation map of Japan
Radiation: Radiation-Stuffed Beef Reaches Consumers and Even More Waiting To Be Eaten Fuck, this pretty much sums up the reason as to why I'm drunk right now. Apparently it was TOTALLY VOLUNTARY for people in radiated areas to decide not to send their cattle to market. So much for all the "tight restrictions" we were told were in place. Now the government is apparently "mulling" a ban on stuff like that. ARE YOU SURE? YOU DON'T WANT TO ACT TOO PREMATURELY, RIGHT?
Tiger&Bunny: More facts from the creators (apparently) Tiger is officially between 32-36, which is what I thought from the first ep. That's hardly "old", although admittedly ancient by anime standards.
Tiger&Bunny: Fanart
Tiger&Bunny: Sketch Collection
Tiger&Bunny: I got nothing
UK: Earthquake in the UK

Thank you to red_squared for the virtual LJ gift!

I managed to finish my short story and submit it before the deadline. I'm not really happy with it any more though. I wrote/polished it up on such a small amount of sleep that it was probably riddled with errors. I haven't been able to bring myself to look at it since, which is for the best.

There's a long weekend ahead of me. I want to go the local Obon dance on Saturday, then I apparently have Tenimyu on Sunday followed by a Fat Pig cast and crew party at the Pink Cow. I also want to fit in some sleep this time around.

I'm on Google+. Add me? I'll probably use it for talking about photography and writing.

And... I finally got around to watching episodes 14 and 15 of Tiger&Bunny.

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