August 26th, 2011

Photography: Sakura

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Hurricane Irene: Hurricane Tracker
Science: Rainbow Cloud
Tiger&Bunny: Gen Doujinshi
Tokyo: 40 Facts About Tokyo

I didn't manage to get tickets for the Tiger&Bunny final episode event in the pre-order sale, but maybe I can get something in the regular sale? Edit: Here's why! 60,000 people applied for 400 seats.

I really liked last Saturday's episode. Collapse )

Speaking of animation, internet rumours put the next series of MLP: Friendship is Magic as starting in the middle of next month (September).

As for real life, I tried to make a call to the dentist, but a curt recorded message told me to ring during business hours. I made the call at 3pm on a Wednesday...

My co-worker arrived today babbling about Elenin/Nibiru/Planet X and how the world is going to end in 2012. Love this coworker, he always keeps me updated on the latest Stupid Internet Shit. And slightly nervous too (I try to tune him out whenever he mentions Fukushima). Anyway, I looked up his conspiracy theory on Wikipedia and was enlightened. This quote from Govert Schilling is fantastic: "...and all the public at large is concerned about is some crackpot theory about clay tablets, god-astronauts and a planet that doesn't exist."

"Clay tablets, god-astronauts and a planet that doesn't exist"? Is that an awesome writing prompt or what!?

Busy day tomorrow. I have to get up early-ish for a gas equipment inspection, go to Tokyo to sign a contract in the afternoon and am going to Tokyo Comedy Store in the evening with friends. The thing is, all these things have several hours between them, meaning a lot of waiting around with nowhere to go. By the way, the next improv student showcase will be October 5th (Wednesday). I'd really appreciate it if anyone in Tokyo who isn't busy could come.

Finally, I hope everyone on the east coast of the US stays safe and makes it through Hurricane Irene okay. You're in my thoughts.