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Have you ever found yourself on your knees in a broom cupboard in Harajuku watching Japanese animated boy/boy porn in the dark with eighty women and thought... "hey, my life's a bit odd, really"?

As I mentioned last entry, I pre-ordered the PAPA TO KISS IN THE DARK 2 DVD and received a ticket to a special seiyuu event on Sunday in Harajuku.

I only had instructions written in Japanese on how to get there, but they were surprisingly easy to follow. However, because I wasn't entirely sure of myself, I arrived rather early. Still, a queue was already forming on the street just off Takeshita Doori, so I lined up anyway.

About forty-five minutes before the event, one of the staff came out and shouted instructions, which I could barely hear, let alone understand. Many of the women at the very front of the queue who were able to hear rushed over to the the other side of the street, while I stood confused. Eventually, I plucked up the courage and just turned to the person next to me and ask why everyone had suddenly rushed over there. She said they were queuing up for the CD. I didn't go at first, since I didn't want to lose my place in the queue. Eventually, I joined them over on the other side of the road and I'm SO glad I did! When I bought the character song CD, I also got a ticket for a second event just after the first! I didn't really pay much attention, although I was excited about the extra event. I just wanted to go in and see Midorikawa Hikaru-san!

(A little before this, incidentally, I suddenly heard cries of 'cute~!' and 'doggy~!' around me. I turned to where the sound was coming from and saw a woman pushing a pram with a small dog in it dressed up as one might a small toddler. For those blissfully unaware of this fact, Harajuku is not just the fashion capital for people, but dogs too. If you're looking for a Santa outfit for Lassie, this is just the place.)

Eventually, we all filed into the RUIDO building. The stage and the entire venue were tiny! Seriously, my apartment is only slightly smaller! Generally, it felt pretty intimate. On the stage were four stools, each with a microphone on it. I'd be within a few metres of whoever was sitting on the end seat.

The MC came out and thanked us for coming; I think he said that the event was being recorded, but in any case there was a TV screen that showed what was going on on stage.

But first, the BL screening. :)

A screen descended from the ceiling and those of us in the front few rows droped down to the ground to the others behind us could see. In all honesty, I've no idea whether it was the first DVD or the second because I haven't bought the first. It seemed to start in the middle of the story and finish before the end. What I did see was incredibly funny, made more so by the applause and laughter of everyone around me. For what it's worth, we really liked Shun's guitar! In fact, this character got applause simply by appearing on screen. (Actually, after being there and seeing the reactions of those around me, it seems that Japanese women find yaoi as over the top as we frequently do. I wonder why I'm referring to it as 'porn' really, since no one was having the reaction you'd expect from such a thing. It was mostly squee and giggling. :))

Next, the talkshow. Midorikawa-san was on the stool furthest from me. He had dyed(?) black hair, black gloves that had 'junk' written on them and a strange grey jacket with odd shapes on it. He was often mock-embarrassed quite a bit and would close his eyes and grin. He seems like a really down-to-earth kind of guy. :)

Chiba-san was slightly nearer to me. He seemed older than other three and was really enthusiastic about selling BL to us! He knew all the right terms ('seme', 'uke', 'catcher', 'pitcher') and could use them in just the right way to make the audience smile knowingly. Super-professional who really knows his audience. :)

Next was SHUN-san, from Fanatic<>Crisis. He was quite quiet really and easily teased! Everyone seemed to like him and he got a lot of fun made of his because of his character's guitar.

Nearest to me was Terashima-san who's SUPER PRETTY!! And he managed this while wearing a yellow and purple tracksuit top and tattered jeans with pink writing on them. He had these lovely black-framed glasses and trademark two-tone hair.

Did I mention he was pretty?

Next, after a raffle, there was a brief break and "it's" (SOTA-san, KEIICHI-san and Takuma-san) came out wearing matching white jackets with sparkly seams, just as they are wearing on the character song booklet. They sang 'close to you' complete with synchronised hand movements. I look forward to hearing it on the CD I just bought. You know, when I actually buy a CD player here. :P

The MC came on and introduced the it's boys. They all said 'I love you' into the microphone as huskily as possible, each trying to outdo each other. :P And then the MC made them do it a second time, then all at once!

Next was the second event. I gradually got myself into a queue very near the front. It was only then I really looked at my ticket and stared at the event type.

A handshake event!?!? With all the members of "it's" and SHUN-san!?

Soon it was my turn to walk across the stage and shake Takuma-san's hand! I was so nervous! I said hello to him. And started talking, a very bad thing for me to do indeed! I started very quietly so he leaned forward and I said he was really cute! :P He was really flattered and smiled! He said thank you to me! ^^

I shook the hands of both SOTA-san and KEIICHI-san, then SHUN-san, who seemed to notice I was the only foreigner in this room of eighty Japanese women. I explained to him that I was really nervous and it was my first event. His face lit up and said 'in that case, thank you for coming' and bowed! Awww... he seemed sweet! He handed me a poster (everyone got one, pre-signed by all four!) and I thanked him again.

Soon, I was back outside in the fresh Harajuku air feeling very slightly dazed, clutching my poster!

(Another review (Japanese). Particularly good if you want quotes from the seiyuu.)
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