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02 December 2005 @ 11:26
Climbed Takaosan the day before yesterday with hinoai, her friend and a group of exchange students. We saw a TANUKI and it SCAMPERED and SNUFFLED! ♥

The leaves were also in the middle of changing and so the Japanese maples (momiji) were beautiful, red and yellow. In other parts, the ground was covered with tiny red and purple maple leaves. I can see why they talk about it in Loveless so much. :P We also saw Fujisan! It looks so beautiful in the light from the setting sun.

Just before the summit, we had o-dango too! ^_^

Afterwards we went to a Japanese all-you-can-eat place. Some of the dishes were delicious, although some were more of a dare than food. For example, nattou and shiokara. I think nattou is notorious, but shiokara not so much. It deserves its own notoriety, since it's squid entrails mixed with the wash from sake. It looks nasty, it smells nasty and it tastes really, really nasty. *smile* Don't worry, I LOVE trying new things...!

I was sitting next to a lovely Japanese girl and we talked in a mix of Japanese and English whenever we lost the words in the language that wasn't our native tongue. It was fun. Across the table was a guy introduced to me as 'Iro-Otoko'. *laughs* His friend claimed to be 'Ero-Otoko'... :P The leader of the expedition was also sitting across from me and he seemed really interesting too. He's lived in Japan for thirty-five years...!

Yesterday, I ached. It's bad even now. I felt a bit uneasy from all the sake I'd had too (not hungover -- just not perfect!). And so I went into Chiba City to learn how to run around and teach kids. Eek.

Haven't got much time left on here, so here's a link to info on Meine Liebe Wieder. 1/22 start, apparently. Info from Moonphase.
yoinkmyspleen on 2nd December 2005 08:10 (UTC)
What is it about this country that is ache inducing? I'd forgotten just how bad it was. Since I got here I've just been one gigantic ache traversing the city almost entirely on foot just for fun. And now I'm off to my first karaoke night.

Ehe ^^; All the words going very fast and me with my dodgy Japanese. Woot. Huzzah for furigana.

I'd love to do some mountain climbing while I'm here, sounds like a lot of fun. But I'm not about to go alone and my japanese really does suck.
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2005 13:21 (UTC)
Karaoke is awesome! Have fun! ^_^

You can get to Mount Takao (Station: Takaosanguchi) from Shinjuku -- I'd definitely recommend it!
reichsfreiherr on 2nd December 2005 10:16 (UTC)
I like how ‘good looks’ are one of the requirements for Strahl candidates. ;p
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2005 13:25 (UTC)
Isn't that the case for all anime? :P