William (genkischuldich) wrote,

If anyone can tell me in the next fifteen minutes how to say in Japanese, "This computer is so loaded with useless crap that it took ten minutes out of time I have paid for to start it up and I'm not impressed," then please let me know. (Cafe is one of the Manboo! Internet Comic Cafe chain. Don't go there!)

I'm going to have to be quick now, I had so much more I wanted to do and say.

It was our day off yesterday, so we went to Yachiyo-Chuo to get our bank cards and finally managed to get them! They also wanted proof of address, which we didn't have, so we produced our business cards, which seemed to work. Afterwards, we walked around the area and found the most adorable pet shop filled with Chihuahua and one beautiful Toy Poodle. Of course, like any respectable(?) pet shop, most of it was devoted to dog clothing. They had a nice GothLoli range, I guess...

We also tried out the arcade. There was an Alien (as in the film) dressed as Santa. We had a go at a drumming game to the tune of Doraemon no Uta. I didn't choose the song! :)

I also stopped off at the Shiyakusho and got a flier for cheap Japanese lessons (2,000 yen for twelve!). There's a lesson tonight, although I haven't rung up to say I will be there. The phone numbers given don't have area codes, so I don't know how. Will probably just turn up and, if it's a problem, let them know I'll be there next week.

I watched Capeta, Animal Yokochou, BLEACH and Yakitate Japan last night. Yakitate was... gah. GAH. They were making Chinese bread. There was also a side plot where Kuronagi lost his sense of taste and had to judge a contest (and an entirely random One Piece ref), but the main thing was the Chinese bread. And at the end, they had this ad. Yakitate-brand Chuuka pan are now available at certain convenience stores. Specifically, the one two minutes walk away. Damn you, Yakitate Japan! You suck!

Have to go now or else they will charge me extra. Will try to log on later at the place I usually go to (Airs Cafe).
Tags: japan life, yakitate japan!

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