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Moonpahse is reporting that it was announced at the Neoromance Live (Which I TOTALLY WOULD'VE GONE TO IF NOT FOR THE FACT THAT I WAS WORKING TODAY *grump*) that Angelique will become a TV anime. ;)

Also, Ayakashi official site now open: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/ayakashi/

Speaking of days off, I should have Saturday 21st January off! That seems to be the one day without seiyuu events. I really hope something will be announced... Perhaps I should buy Potato (the magazine, not the vegetable) and check the listings in there? Um... assuming there are event listings in there. Perhaps Metropolis too, if I can find it.

Anyway, last night I managed to get some Yakitate Japan-brand Chuukaman. It was really nice! I've got a taste for Chinese food now, I think, since I decided to have some yakigyouza for lunch today. :) The lady at the Chinese food store was so nice and I was happy to understand everything she said! Yay!

(Actually, I bought the Chuukaman in a midnight convenience store raid with kuroe. I got these amazing jacket potato and butter-flavour crisps ('potato chips') and some cookies... It was fun! The guy behind the counter was really nice to us and gave us a free scratchcard even though we hadn't bought nearly enough to earn it.)

I'm going to a Christmas party in Narita tomorrow and I've bought a Secret Santa gift. I chose a bear and a coffee mug with an Assam teabag in it which reads something along the lines of "The great British tradition of welcome tea". Great. The lady at the store was wonderful -- I was asked if it was a present and she wrapped it up so nicely (the Japanese are experts at wrapping gifts) and I chose the ribbon and everything... and it was a free service. I told her she'd done an amazing job and she seemed really pleased. I love the days when I'm understood! ^_^

Some days it doesn't go like that, of course, and you try to figure what the hell went wrong. Like yesterday, when I could've sworn the lady behind the counter was saying 400 yen and so put down a 500 yen coin. She just stared at me. I asked her to repeat the total and it still seemed like she was saying 400 yen, but she wouldn't take the coin. In the end, I put down an 1000 yen note, which she took. When I got my receipt, it said the total was 400 yen. What happened? No clue...
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