William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Since I last wrote in this journal, I have...

  • seen Bleach Radio with Morita Masakazu-san.
  • had my picture appear in Japan's leading English-language daily newspaper.
  • heard the NaB's do the latest Yuugiou ED theme live.
  • Seen Shirota-san molest cuddle Yanagi-san protectively on stage, Katou-san declare his love for Shirota-san['s character] and all three compete for audience-love. It was only a short promo but OMG. *dead*
  • listened to Irino Miyu-san.
  • had dinner with friends.
  • caught a glimpse of Okiayu-san. OMG SOMEONE FEED HIM NOW!!
  • been a minute late for work because there was not a bus where there should've been a bus.

    I'm sure you're pleased to hear I'm spending my time well here. ;)

    Going to Harajuku today for a very specific Christmas item. *Fingers crossed*
  • Tags: japan life, myuboys, seiyuu event
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