William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Shousetsu Bang Bang #3 is out now!

Free original BL stories! All R-rated and with a happy end! Pretty cover! READ IT!

(Guess which is mine! XD)

I ju~st managed to catch the Kimeru's late-night three minute recipe last night. He appears around 12.20am on Chiba TV. Last week he made clam chowder (it looked... interesting) and this week it was strawberry cake. It was more a case of making the icing and garnishing it with strawberries and random stuff, but ok. :P The real appeal is seeing Kimeru in a chef outfit and a hat which makes him look like an elf.

I'll write the recipes down sooner or later, I guess, if anyone wants them. I thought I might give the clam chowder a go after Christmas. I've never had clam chowder before...
Tags: bl, japanese tv, kimeru, writing
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