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29 December 2005 @ 00:21
I went shopping in Ikebukuro yesterday and liberated three KoZeroSum from a display case! They're so cute and so meta...

In the first one, Soubi gets invited to Comiket and Ritsuka gets his photo taken with Saiyuuki cosplayers! In the second, they go to another Comiket and Soubi's friend wants his opinion on yaoi because he's gay (Soubi says he isn't though...). But, because yaoi is just a fantasy, there's no point asking... uh... real gay men like Soubi about it. In the third, Male Zero and Ritsuka steal Soubi's watermelon.

There's also two 4-koma strips in one of them (can't remember which) when in the first panel Soubi warns Ritsuka that if he eats squid, his ears will fall off. He eats squid. His ears fall off. It's stupidly funny. There's also a couple of Saiyuuki 4-koma, in one of which it's revealed that Hakkai keeps his glasses lens on by popping it into a special hole of his face, much to Gojyo's horror.

I might go to the real Comiket tomorrow...

I also got the special edition Loveless 6. This collection has to be the best cover yet! I can't imagine anyone questioning who Kouga Yun-sensei thinks is the uke now...! Mind you, I like the regular edition cover better. It's the same, except it has a less cluttered background. Just my opinion though.

As well as spending a ridiculous amount on Loveless books, I also renewed my love for Koyasu Takehito-san and got some Zazel and Gamedra Night CDs. One is goth!Koyasu and the other is James Bond!Koyasu. I love the guy, I really do...

From Moonphase:
  • Yuri manga, Stawberry Panic!, is getting animated.
  • Yumetsukai is getting animated.
    rainbowheartrod on 28th December 2005 18:16 (UTC)
    Haha, those sound kyute x3

    Williamgenkischuldich on 31st December 2005 06:37 (UTC)
    Thanks, I think they are! ^_^
    Inma: Lovelesslovelessinma on 30th December 2005 23:04 (UTC)
    Waaai! You bought co-ZeroSum back numbers?
    I didn't know they still sold at shops!
    The stories sound really cute, thank you for telling us about it vv

    By the way, I've been stalking your journal for quite a long time now, I hope it's ok *laughs*
    Because you always put interesting information about many things, I found it interesting (^^)
    Williamgenkischuldich on 31st December 2005 06:41 (UTC)
    They're not sold in shops, unless they deal in second-hand merchandise. However, I also know that the KoZeroSums were also available at ZeroSum's booth at Comiket, providing you got there early enough (I didn't).

    Hey, I don't mind! Nice to meet you!
    Rebecca: Kanadediet on 8th January 2006 00:07 (UTC)
    ^-^ Hi, my name is Kiyoshi and I am a fellow Loveless addict member at raburesu.

    I was just reading a bit through your journal and got all excited at your mentioning of finding three KoZeroSums! That is soooo amazing. I have heard of the stories you mentioned but have never been able to see them myself.

    Hm . . . do you have a scanner or a digital camera so you could maybe upload some of the images? ( Wai, I know this sounds so foward of me -- you don't even know me. ^-^; ) But I just had to ask. ^^

    Psst -- loveless special edition = happiness.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 10th January 2006 08:20 (UTC)
    I only have a digital camera, but I was worried that since the only KoZeroSum that didn't sell at Comiket was the one I scanned, that maybe there was a connection there? I will probably write down the recipes in the latest issue at some point though.
    Rebecca: Soubi from Lovelessdiet on 10th January 2006 18:32 (UTC)
    but I was worried that since the only KoZeroSum that didn't sell at Comiket was the one I scanned, that maybe there was a connection there?
    Hm . . . what do you mean, a "connection" there? -chuckles- Sorry, I am just confused by what that means. ^^ Does that mean you do not want to scan the other stories?

    -weeps softly- Oh, but you must! You will be adored by all Loveless fans if you do. Hee.

    P.S. Thank you so much for replying to me. ^^