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05 January 2006 @ 19:43
Curiously, kuroe has chosen to write his work schedule on a calendar that uses a fortune-telling system based on the moon (I think!). Butsumetsu (unlucky!) was yesterday and it really showed.

先勝: Senkachi. Lucky day in the morning, but not afternoon. Good for urgent matters and being busy.
友引: Tomobiki. Good day for business and making friends. Bad around noon.
先負: Senmake. Lucky day, but not during the morning. Avoid judgement and stay calm.
仏滅: Butsumetsu. SUPER UNLUCKY day!!
大安: Taian. Lucky day.
赤口: Shakku. Unlucky day, apart from noon.

Calendar here.

Nikuman and Chuukaman are wonderful, but I've found something even better! Chocolaman! It's warm chocolate bread with chocolate filling! ^_^


I forgot to say it last time, but happy new year everyone...!

(That's the problem with not having your own computer -- you forget what you wanted to say and can't go back and correct it when you remember!)

Speaking of new year and resolutions, I want to write more. I want a computer so that I can do it. I want to continue with the stories I started last year. I'd love to see some of those stories finished and published and feel a little embarrassed telling people that's what I want, because they (you) know I'm not very good at it....

I did get lots of nice comments on my Bang Bang fic though! I'm so happy! I guess writing really stupid crack humour is where my talents lie!

Wow, Loveless has come out with an extraordinary amount of expensive tat lately. And I speak as someone who, over two years ago, really wanted it to have even a little bit of tat to buy.

But I can now go into Animate and buy earrings and rings and keitai dangly things and mailblocks and notebooks and can badges and clips and... I don't think I want all of that any more!

I am eyeing up the Loveless butterfly ring though. And you should see my keitai...! *Guilty look*
Sharon: GW 1x2 Don't Ask Don't Tellsharona1x2 on 5th January 2006 09:17 (UTC)
Happy New Year to you, too!

I hear you on the subject of tat. I'm now grateful that there wasn't a lot of merchandise to collect for GW (other than doujinshi). My bank account is happy about it, as well. ^_^
(Anonymous) on 6th January 2006 02:12 (UTC)

It seems that Gundam has lots of merchandise, but I guess that depends on whether you want models of the actual machines or are more focused on the boys. :)
Williamgenkischuldich on 6th January 2006 02:12 (UTC)
*sigh* That was me, btw, forgetting to log in...
ex_semishade366 on 5th January 2006 19:28 (UTC)
The tat quotient seems to be going up generally - for some series it's getting easier to find merchandise than doujinshi.
Williamgenkischuldich on 6th January 2006 02:16 (UTC)
Loveless seems to be a real merchandising pit though. Every time I read through the Animate catalogue and check out the 'Brand New Tat' section, there's always at least two more Loveless goods.

Have also noticed some incredibly expensive Tennis no Oujisama playing cards. I seem to recall that Midzuki was one of the queens...