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Curiously, kuroe has chosen to write his work schedule on a calendar that uses a fortune-telling system based on the moon (I think!). Butsumetsu (unlucky!) was yesterday and it really showed.

先勝: Senkachi. Lucky day in the morning, but not afternoon. Good for urgent matters and being busy.
友引: Tomobiki. Good day for business and making friends. Bad around noon.
先負: Senmake. Lucky day, but not during the morning. Avoid judgement and stay calm.
仏滅: Butsumetsu. SUPER UNLUCKY day!!
大安: Taian. Lucky day.
赤口: Shakku. Unlucky day, apart from noon.

Calendar here.

Nikuman and Chuukaman are wonderful, but I've found something even better! Chocolaman! It's warm chocolate bread with chocolate filling! ^_^


I forgot to say it last time, but happy new year everyone...!

(That's the problem with not having your own computer -- you forget what you wanted to say and can't go back and correct it when you remember!)

Speaking of new year and resolutions, I want to write more. I want a computer so that I can do it. I want to continue with the stories I started last year. I'd love to see some of those stories finished and published and feel a little embarrassed telling people that's what I want, because they (you) know I'm not very good at it....

I did get lots of nice comments on my Bang Bang fic though! I'm so happy! I guess writing really stupid crack humour is where my talents lie!

Wow, Loveless has come out with an extraordinary amount of expensive tat lately. And I speak as someone who, over two years ago, really wanted it to have even a little bit of tat to buy.

But I can now go into Animate and buy earrings and rings and keitai dangly things and mailblocks and notebooks and can badges and clips and... I don't think I want all of that any more!

I am eyeing up the Loveless butterfly ring though. And you should see my keitai...! *Guilty look*
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