William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I just finished Howl's Moving Castle which, while I couldn't find it in Britain, I found easily in the foreign books section in Narita. It's incredible! Much love to everyone who recced it after I saw the film! It easily makes my top five novels now!

I couldn't help being amused by some of the differences from the film though (and, woah, there are MANY!). Namely, Howl. In the film, Howl is a tragic bishounen who fights bravely from the start. In the book, he's a Welsh drama queen who owns a guitar because it looks good and spends two hours in the bathroom every day. Actually, I find both versions of Howl adorable, but it's quite a change! Also, the whole plot makes complete sense and sheds a bit of light on the film's plot, even though the plots don't really match up.

And... I've run out of time it. Eep. Must dash!
Tags: books, howl's moving castle
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