William (genkischuldich) wrote,

It's not meant to be like this. I'm meant to get here and realise that not only is Japan not paved with anime and J rockers, but that it's difficult to make oneself understood and that daily life is excruciatingly tough.

So, let me tell you how I walked out of work today and found myself watching a acoustic mini-live by an indie duo called Hinata.

As I was walking to the train station, I saw a small crowd of people jumping up and down to a pretty good song and I went to investigate. Even though they had only acoustic guitars and no sound equipment, they sounded great!

One of their friends came up and handed me a flier and we talked for a bit. The next song came on and they harmonised really well. I think I'll look into going to one of their concerts, since they've got a few lives coming up, including ones at Shibuya O-East and Heaven's Rock, not to mention one at Oomiya on Wednesday (which I could actually go to, since it's my day off...).

Anyway, I liked them, so it never occurred to me not to walk up to them and start chatting.

I wanted to buy the CD but I couldn't because I hadn't got in line fast enough, so I said hello instead. We chatted for a bit and they grinned when I said it was fun! They said sorry (in English!) for not having enough CDs and I said thank you for the live. And then both of them shook my hand. I walked off with a grin...!

...And back to Tennis no Oujisama Crystal Drive! I kinda unlocked long-hair variant Shishido. Having played a singles match using Shishido and with Atobe as the coach, I didn't get any new characters. BUT, there is now a 'long-hair wig' for sale in the shop for five million points... :P

Also, for what it's worth, if you play Atobe versus Tezuka and Tezuka loses, he clutches his little pixel shoulder in agony... o_o

Enough with the DS game talk, huh? :P
Tags: japan life, music

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