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Today I bought tickets for Bleach Myu having read in hinoai's journal that they hadn't sold out at all. I assumed they had, since they'd long since taken down the posters in Animate.

So... I'm going tomorrow! ^_^

It was actually pretty hard to get them, because the ticket machine is diabolical. I followed all the instructions and then it asked me if I had a card. I pressed 'no' and then it threw up what seemed to be another search page. I panicked and cancelled it and went to the counter.

A nice lady came to help me and we went through exactly the same steps again. She left, presumably because the rest was obvious, but the card page came up again. Even though I didn't have a card, I pressed 'yes' because pressing 'no' failed me last time. It told me to insert my card...

So I went up to the counter again and she helped me again. I know she stopped serving people to help me more than twice, but I can't think why it was causing so many problems. Possibly because I tended to press a different button every time even though I could read the screen and knew that wasn't what I was meant to do. I just thought that if it didn't work the first time, I should push the button that said 'no' instead of 'yes' and vice versa. I must've apologised so many times in those ten minutes. It was SO embarrassing.

Anyway, it turned out that I'd done everything right the first time, but when I pressed 'no' for the card, I hadn't been taken back to the search page, but to a place to enter my name... I'll know next time and, in fact, topping up my Smart Pit phonecard with the same machine was no problem at all.

Anyway, Bleach Myu tomorrow! Should be fun! ^_^

Today marked two months since we arrived in Japan, so we went for yakiniku. They also had a self-serve candy floss machine and crepe-maker. o.o I didn't want candy floss, which was a shame since I really wanted to operate that machine...!

I also had a day-off today so I went to a craft store and got a pen and paper, then to a bookshop to get a kanji dictionary and English-language fiction. Apart from Howl's Moving Castle, I haven't read any English-language fiction since I got here, which I feel is a bit of a problem. I've now got The Fellowship of the Ring, which I never thought I'd read considering how much I hated The Hobbit. If nothing else, it's apparently well-written, which is what I feel I need right now.

As I mentioned, I also bought some art materials. The big question now, for all you artists here is: How do I draw? I used to take art in school, but that was quite a while ago and I'm a lot worse now. I'd love to learn how to use Copic Markers and toners and all those other art supplies that are so easily available here, but first things first!

I also saw the first Azumi film. It was really good and I totally recommend it. More when I have more time at this net cafe.
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