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It's snowing! The snow finally reached Chiba! It started snowing around mid-morning and hasn't stopped since. It's about an inch thick. Today it was my day-off (due to a shift swap), so I took my digital camera out and around town to photograph the snow.

Since it's been snowing for hours now and we don't have double-glazing, my apartment's bitterly cold though. So now I'm at the net cafe where I can be warm and get hot cocoa nomihoudai! :P My fingers were burning from the hot/cold difference earlier.

Days like this I really want a microwave so I can buy pre-cooked conveni meals and heat them at home. In the end, I bought pizzaman and cheeseman. I wanted instant hot food very badly!

I also decided to get a CD player. I went to the electronics store in Your Elm and a very nice salesman showed me the CuteBeat. He also showed me a cheap DVD player that could also play CDs... I wavered, but held my course. I only bought the CD player.

Finally, after doing some grocery shopping, I rented more videos. I've got Hikaru no Go vol 2, Tennis no Oujisama vol 3 & 4, Odoru Daisousassen 2 International Version (I have no idea what that means! Hoping for subs!) and the first volume of the Odoru tv series. I saw Odoru 2 in the cinema when I first visited Japan and loved it, so it'll be good to see it again.

I rented the first video of Hikaru no Go. I want to play Go again! I used to play it a few years back, but never receieved any formal instruction; just played it within a university society and with kuroe.

Of course, I know almost none of the technical Go language, so following it is a little tough. I know basics like goban, goishi and atari, but the complicated rules/technique explanations are a little beyond me.

Apart from that... Sai is gay. I ♥ him. My main concern is Akira. OMG WON'T SOMEONE HUG AKIRA!?

(This is the main reason why I'm not overly concerned with getting a DVD player... videos are still easy to rent over here!)

Black Cat is crack. So Train gets hit with a nano bullet at the end of the ep and turns chibi. The next episode is called "Chibi Neko". I am not making this up!! I really like the tweaked opening, but the old ending was better, I think.
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