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21 January 2006 @ 21:20
It's snowing! The snow finally reached Chiba! It started snowing around mid-morning and hasn't stopped since. It's about an inch thick. Today it was my day-off (due to a shift swap), so I took my digital camera out and around town to photograph the snow.

Since it's been snowing for hours now and we don't have double-glazing, my apartment's bitterly cold though. So now I'm at the net cafe where I can be warm and get hot cocoa nomihoudai! :P My fingers were burning from the hot/cold difference earlier.

Days like this I really want a microwave so I can buy pre-cooked conveni meals and heat them at home. In the end, I bought pizzaman and cheeseman. I wanted instant hot food very badly!

I also decided to get a CD player. I went to the electronics store in Your Elm and a very nice salesman showed me the CuteBeat. He also showed me a cheap DVD player that could also play CDs... I wavered, but held my course. I only bought the CD player.

Finally, after doing some grocery shopping, I rented more videos. I've got Hikaru no Go vol 2, Tennis no Oujisama vol 3 & 4, Odoru Daisousassen 2 International Version (I have no idea what that means! Hoping for subs!) and the first volume of the Odoru tv series. I saw Odoru 2 in the cinema when I first visited Japan and loved it, so it'll be good to see it again.

I rented the first video of Hikaru no Go. I want to play Go again! I used to play it a few years back, but never receieved any formal instruction; just played it within a university society and with kuroe.

Of course, I know almost none of the technical Go language, so following it is a little tough. I know basics like goban, goishi and atari, but the complicated rules/technique explanations are a little beyond me.

Apart from that... Sai is gay. I ♥ him. My main concern is Akira. OMG WON'T SOMEONE HUG AKIRA!?

(This is the main reason why I'm not overly concerned with getting a DVD player... videos are still easy to rent over here!)

Black Cat is crack. So Train gets hit with a nano bullet at the end of the ep and turns chibi. The next episode is called "Chibi Neko". I am not making this up!! I really like the tweaked opening, but the old ending was better, I think.
ex_semishade366 on 21st January 2006 14:09 (UTC)
Have you not seen Hn5 before? I'm a little bit fond of the series, have just started buying the dvds now they're being released. It got me playing Go against the computer. I won a grand total of once - I suspect the game is fixed to allow that because the only real progress I noticed was getting a better understanding of why I lost.

I have got this little book all about the game which blueandflawless sent me though.
Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd January 2006 09:48 (UTC)
No, never seen it before! It came out before I got broadband!

Actually, renting is really cheap here (since this is classified as "kids' anime"), so I'm glad to rent it. I'm rewatching TnO too, since James hasn't seen it and I think I like it better this time around. I'm certainly noticing new things about the series!

If you like Go, why not give Shougi a go? Shougi is ♥!
A Fandom Butterfly: HnG - HikaAki handschinawolf on 21st January 2006 14:23 (UTC)
Hikaru Hikaru Hikaru!! ^__^ I love that series. Unfortunately when we were in Tokyo last year, HnG was already so last year that I could hardly get my hands on any merchandise. But oh, the doujinshi!! XD

(Hikaru should be the one to hug Aki! *patpats him*)
Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd January 2006 10:12 (UTC)
Yeah, even three~four eps in it's very clear that Akira loves Hikaru. Unfortunately, I'm getting the impression that he thinks that it's because they're both Go geniuses and they have a special bond... ;_;

Sai x Akira...? :P
amelia cavendish: awakencordy firefly inara squeeyami_tai on 23rd January 2006 16:43 (UTC)
*squee* You have snow! You lucky thing ^_^! Make a snowman for me. Btw, I enjoyed your story about the elephant with the male appendage as a nose, lol!
Williamgenkischuldich on 26th January 2006 02:37 (UTC)
Unfortunately, all the snow has melted now! But it was fun while it lasted!

Thanks! :P