William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Judging by the sudden appearence of screen caps, I would guess that I've forgotten to look out for yet another anime (Meine Liebe Wieder) I was dying to see. Actually, I didn't. I don't get that channel.

Well, at least I remembered to record Fate/Stay Night last night. At least, I hope I did! I guess I'll see when I get home!

I'm currently getting Japanese lessons at both the city hall and at an International Organisation, because they're extremely cheap. It's no exaggeration to say that an entire year at the places I've chosen costs about the same as one regular lesson elsewhere.

The International Organisation is fantastic; I had my first lesson there today. We didn't follow the book exactly -- Sensei checked I knew the lesson and moved on. Then we had just a general chat and she corrected my grammar as we went. It feels wonderful to have a proper conversation in another language!

Afterwards, I went upstairs for a "New Year's Party". Someone gave a simple talk on shougatsu (正月) and then they handed me a microphone and asked me to introduce myself, because I was a new member. It was Monday morning and in front of about forty people -- I think I would've found it difficult even in English! But... I did it anyway and everyone clapped politely. ^_^

They also asked the overseas members what they did at New Year and they asked me again. I just about managed to put together a few sentences about haggis. Next we played a variation on karuta (I think!). Instead of waka on the cards, there were Anpanman pictures and a short poem about bread(!). When the poem was read out by Sensei, we had to grab the card. Out of five people on my table, I came second both times! ^_^

Finally, I signed up for a one-off ikebana class next month! I love this group already!

...Then I went to work.
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