William (genkischuldich) wrote,

A self-reminder to see Gimmy Heaven.

I adore Matsuda Ryuuhei! ^_^ Obviously, this stems from his role in Gohatto, but he really is the prettiest actor I can think of!

Now I'm looking up his info again, and I'm finding out that very recently he was in NANA! Who did he play...?

There's also Andou Masanobu...

Hm, I really must find a better way to keep up with all the films being released in Japan. It seems this one has been out for a while, but I only found out about it yesterday because it was reviewed in Metropolis. Metropolis is always late with the Japanese films (though never the American ones... -_-), since they only just mentioned Yamato for which I've been seeing trailers for ages.

Finally, Ouran High School Host Club Official Site is open.

No more time left at this net cafe though.
Tags: movies

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