William (genkischuldich) wrote,

So now I have a PC. And... I have no plans to connect it to the internet. I'm still going to go to the net cafe to read Livejournal.

I think this is an excellent idea. I really need to start writing again and the internet is basically a distraction. A nice distraction though. ^_^ It would be useful to have it on hand, make many things easier, make communication better, but....!

I still dream about finishing the many novels I have in progress and submitting them somewhere. Not to mention writing a sequel to a certain BBSS short about a specialist clothing shop.... (did anyone read that!?) Stupidly, that's my favourite thing I've written lately!

(If anyone wants to tell me seriously what they think of my writing, I'm up for it. Would particularly like to know what you think about my comedy writing versus my serious writing. My comedy tends to get far more comments, but I suspect that it's simply more provocative. But perhaps I fail at being serious. Also, my original stuff versus fanfic. The only original stuff I ever get comments for are my BBSS shorts. Do my origicharas suck? Or is it the writing? Anyway, anon comments are enabled, as always. I've had face-to-face maulings critiques from published authors, so I can definitely take anything you say! :P)

During my lunch hour, I ate at a kaitenzushi and bought the Princess Princess manga. I'm so spoilt... ^_^

Some random links:

Kanji game! ♥
gnavi New comm. Japanese restaurant reviews. Looks like it could be good if enough people contribute.
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