William (genkischuldich) wrote,

The dates for Tenimyu were announced and both of them are on my days off! I can't believe it!

...On the other hand, there seems to be only five performances. Gah, what're they thinking!?

I'm going to do my best to get tickets when they go on sale (I've written the date in my planner!), but I'm going to be logging on to Yahoo!Auctions if need be. I don't care. I am DEFINITELY going somehow.

(Would love recommendations on getting tickets. Does a Lawson's card get you tickets faster? What days/times sell out faster? What days are better? Is it even worth thinking about these issues if it's just a matter of smashing buttons in the general direction of 'not sold out'? Will the machine even tell me if they're sold out or not? So many questions... Honestly, I really doubt my ability to get the tickets in time once they go on general sale. *sigh*)

From Moonphase:
XXXHolic TV That splash page is incredible... O.O
TnO OAV Old news, but the OAV will cover the Nationals, include popular rival schools, a Hyoutei rematch and the introduction of new character(s?). You can apply for event tickets if you buy the OAV...?

On Monday, I went to a one-off ikebana class. Imagine twelve women in a room stroking branches of pussy willow (nekoyanagi) and going 'kawaii~'... *giggle* It was lots of fun, although I got a lot of help. Apparently I have no eye for minimalist design! Then, as I walked to work, it started to snow just a little and I was so happy!

I am still down for a three minute speech in March...
Tags: japan life

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