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Hmm. I can see by the quite exceptional number of comments by certain familiar names on that Loveless post that it's extremely probable that my comm got Fandom-Wanked....


(And if anyone has a few hours free, I wouldn't mind knowing if they're mocking me in those 659 comments...)

I was kinda upset last Sunday -- I was lucky enough to get a special code for the Tenimyu presale of tickets (thanks, Jamie!), but even that wasn't enough.

James was right when he said that Tenimyu is designed on the scale of a school play, with roughly the same audience number expectations.

I wonder what will happen this Sunday, when tickets go on sale for the final time? I wonder if I should place some bids on Yahoo!Auctions now, because the price will increase massively once people fail to get tickets then. Some are at almost 50,000 en (around US$425) already, while some are as low as 7,500 en. I'd go for the cheaper ticket, of course. I don't care if I'm front row or not, because even being there seems like a silly fantasy right now. Wish me luck~?

I finished "The Man Who Was Thursday" last night. The ending completely destroyed any good points the rest of the book might've had. The worst type of ending is the one that negates everything that happened previously. The epitome of this type of ending is 'And Then I Woke Up And Realised It Was All A Dream'.

Additionally, after precisely this ending, there's a column by Chesterton that says, 'Stupid people keep thinking I have some interesting ideas about the dual nature of God, but I don't. It was just a nightmare, nothing more. Those people suck and can't read.'

If you like Kyou Kara Maou, you should definitely check out Animage this month because the free gift is a set of Kyou Kara Maou Playing Cards. (If you can't get it and really want it, it's 650 en plus shipping.)

I watched the hour-long Yakitate!! Japan special last night. It was all about Three Alps Pan with marron cream in the centre. It featured hot springs, dancing Kuroyan and a man in a panda suit. The title? Panda no Pan da. *snicker* And Yakitate!! Japan did it again. After telling me for an hour how wonderful this particular type of bread is, they ran an advert announcing that it was available in the convenience store down the road.

They showed Casshern on TV last night and it was the second coolest film I've ever seen (the first coolest is Advent Children). I'm not saying it was the best, but definitely one of the coolest. It's about 80% CGI and the rest looks as if it lost a fight with PhotoShop. But it's so cool!

My three favourite characters were played by Iseya Yuusuke-san, Karasawa Toshiaki-san and Oikawa Mitsuhiro. Oikawa-san made a big impression on me simply because he has a good maniacal laugh. I'm nothing if not predictable...

Anyway, check it out! It's a fairly new film (2004), so I reckon someone has probably subbed it or licenced it.

Oh, btw, am putting the finishing touches on the latest translation of Weiss Side B. I have lots of issues written in my notebook, but typing it out takes a while, mostly because either I can't read my own handwriting or because I can and the grammar is so screwed up I can't remember what I actually meant...

Anyway, the latest translation will be of the latest issue. I believe other people have done translations now(?), so I think I'll start working backwards. Besides, Chloe angst is always fun.

I'll finish it later tonight. I need to get to my Japanese class now.
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