William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I went to Lalaport yesterday, which was like some kind post-apocalyptic Odaiba. It was misty and wet, making the attempts at a tropical shopping centre (with palm trees, no less!) comical.

Although it's meant to be one of the biggest shopping centres in Chiba, almost everything was closed, except for the restaurants. I was really disappointed, because I'd hoped to get kuroe's birthday present there.

A little down the road, however, there was a Book Off. I hate Book Off. I despise Book Off. This is because it is probably the biggest money-drain you will find in Japan. There are thousands of cheap manga and Japanese CDs lining the aisles; they have separate sections for seiyuu and anime.

So I bought some CDs. I got the the soundtrack to Mononoke Hime, Saiyuuki Requiem and Angel Sanctuary, a random single from The Stand Up and a Koyasu Takehito/Gamedra Nights CD. And a point card.

I went back home and rushed to Your Elm to see if I could find a good present. In the end, I chanced upon a cheap PS2. We've been talking about getting a PS2 for ages, just so we could play Dirge of Cerberus and other upcoming FF games, but the dilemma was whether we should get a PS2 now so we could play it immediately, or wait for the PS3.

What did I do today? I had the day off, but I don't think I did anything. Just slept, wandered around town, then worked on a WSB translation (going to post it soon, btw). There never seems to be anything to do unless it's a Sunday...

Tickets go on sale Sunday... I've got my fingers crossed. My apologies if I've seemed a little obsessive over this lately. ^^

Livejournal just gave me a message that it autosaved a draft of my post. When did it start doing that? How do I access these drafts?
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