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Working backwards... And even quicker and rougher than before. ^^ Again, no beta.

Jack: The 'Children of Dwr' are...

Jack: ..like me, using the medicine and changing.

Jack: We'll take on all the humans in Britain, one after the other.

Voice: ...In our society, 'killing' is not the only way.

Caption: Jack from the Side-A Team. Why is he saying these things...!?

Voice: If you became like this, you could be useful.

Aya: Hm, you were...

Aya: ...an original member of Krypton Brand...?


Jack: Well... The game continues.

Caption: Encounter with the Side-A Team.

Caption: Side-B are getting closer to the truth behind this case.

Caption: Why is this man blocking them...?

Weiss Side B.
Manga: Oomine Shouko.
#30 Phantom Dance III


[No speech.]


Aya (thinks): I failed!?

Ken: Aya!!

Voice: Ku...gh!


Ken: Shit! Quic--

Aya: Eh!?

Voice: ...gh.

Voice: A...gh!!


Kurumi: What...

Kurumi: What is this...!

Kurumi: He's abnormal.

Kurumi: It's as if...
Kurumi: ...as if he isn't really human...!!


Man: Inter...
Man: ...leukin...

Man: If you're the only one with it...

Man: Give us more... Make us happy...

Man: If you go...

Man: The 'Children of Dwr' will do more of this to Britain...!!

Kurumi: ...Why...?

Kurumi: Why? Why do you want this kind of medicine...!?

Kurumi: The group that you...

Kurumi: ...called 'Dwr'... Why......

Ken: Leave, Kurumi-chan!!


Ken: Don't stop to talk things over with those people!

Ken: Run!

Caption: He's clinging to me...

Ken: Now!!

Caption: He isn't human anymore and...
Caption: Now, he's saying these things to me because...

Caption: Because...!

Caption: These are the results of the virus that my parents and Okita made--...!!

Kurumi: I'm so sorry!!


Ken: Let Kurumi pass!

Ken: Hey!

Michel: If Chloe moves...

Michel: We can lift her up here!


Nana: Yuki.

Yuki: Scotland Yard will arrive in about a minute.

[Note: Scotland Yard is the Greater London policeforce. In this case, 'Yard' is given as the reading of the kanji for 'police'.]

Nana: Excellent work today.

Yuki: It's okay.
Yuki: Making that kind of device is my speciality.

Yuki: There'll be some good fireworks for sure.


Voice: Hey, come here!!

Kurumi: Eh...


Kurumi: KYAAAA!!

Jack: Heh...
Jack: Hehhehheh...

Jack: Heh!

Jack: You're...

Jack: ...teaching me many interesting things!!


Voice: Incidentally, you did that kind of thing too.

Jack: Heh. That was an excellent plan.

Jack: (...A plan of 'excellence'.)

Jack: Even the skateboard isn't much of a weapon...

Ken: Stop talking about that thing we borrowed!!

Jack: ......
Jack: ...helping others is your priority, isn't it?

Jack: Truly interesting.

Jack: But even so, there's nothing you can do.

Jack: You're 'murderers' who can only live in darkness.

Kurumi: ......

Kurumi: Oww...


Kurumi: Oki...

Kurumi: !

Okita: 'Human Interleukin III'...
Okita: No, Shinjou Kurumi...

Okita: ...I... want you to save me...!

Okita: The virus that lives within you...
Okita: We'll sell it to 'Them' for big money--

Okita: I only want to enjoy life.

Okita: Can't you understand this simple fact?


Jack: You Krypton Band people...

Jack: KR's orders still say something about hunting the 'Black Beasts' that the law cannot judge...

Jack: But you don't think that's strange?

Jack: You're not really bringing judgement.

Jack: This evil resides in what kind of normal human?

Jack: It's a pretty idea, but no one can understand why you need to kill to do it.

Jack: I thought...

Jack: ...it was an ugly but honest desire we held; I wielded a blade for the sake of humans who couldn't protect themselves.


Jack: But we, the Children of Dwr, will destroy KR.

Jack: Because this is...

Jack: ...the protection of Britain's 'truly weak people'...!

Voice: Scotland Yard has arrived!

Yuki: Just as I guessed.

SFX: (Batan!)

Voice: Hey, you!
Voice: Does't he look like he's going to stab that girl!?

Voice: Quickly...!


Okita: Do you have any idea what this virus might awaken inside you!?

Voice: It's about money!

Okita: You're the same as your parents.

Okita: At the end of the day, the need for money is what made you!!

Police: Please get out of the way.

Ken: Kurumi-chan!!

SFX: (Don.)


Kurumi: ...St--

Kurumi: Stop messing with me!!

Voice: Wh...!?


Passerby: What was that?

Passerby: An explosion!?

Passerby: Uwaah!


Caption: The game continues.

Caption: A confused fight becomes news the following day.

Caption: And the ten dead become a murder case.

Caption: The dead were all members of the public.
Caption: It will be reported that they were all Welsh.

Caption: 'Game'? What is the true meaning behind this word...?

Caption: It continues in the February issue of Zero-Sum, which goes on sale 28th December.
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