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22 February 2006 @ 16:51
KR: In other words...
KR: Ordinary people are suddenly rioting.

KR: And you're saying that in the midst of it all, the 'group' hunting Human Interleukin III is there too.

[Note: The 'Human Interleukin III' is given as the reading for 'Shinjou Kurumi'. So KR is referring to her, but actually using the name of the drug inside her.]

Nana: Correct, KR.

Weiss Side B
Manga: Oomine Shouko

Nana: It's possible that the man named Okita who kidnapped her also...
Nana: ...spread rumours of this virus and agitated this group.

Nana: ...He also was also a researcher for Grancoster, like her parents.

KR: ......
KR: Grancoster Wells?

Nana: Yes...
Nana: But...

Nana: Amongst them is...

Nana: One of our original members from Krypton Brand.


Nana: There's no mistake.

Nana: He was a member of the group that came before the B Team...
Nana: He's an original member of the Side A Team.

Nana: 'Jack'...!


Nana: He has aways been different from them.

Ken: Kurumi-chan! Fall back!

Kurumi: But why?

Kurumi: Has that man returned...!?

Weiss Side B
#29 Phantom Dance II
Manga: Oomine Shouko


Ken: Aya.
Ken: That guy was really Free's team mate?

Aya: Yeah.
Aya: He must've gone missing in the middle of same mission as us.

Jack: Don't call him Free.

Jack: Our colleagues were making a fuss about 'Human Interleukin's' use as a virus...

Jack: And humans transforming into monsters.

Jack: But during the kind of experiments that were done...

Jack: He was confined in a factory.


Ken: These things you're saying...
Ken: In other words, you...

Ken: ...could have the same reasons as Free.

Ken: And that's how it is, now.

Ken: Our confrontation and your speech is--

Jack: Right.

Jack: 'We' visited several places 'near here'.

Jack: Free was the only one left.


Jack: Well, why don't we play for a while?

Jack: Show me...
Jack: ...your power!

Michel: Chloe!

Michel: ...It's hopeless!

Chloe: We're still not going to go down there.

Chloe: Not until you calm down!

Chloe: There are also too many people watching.

Chloe: Above all else, do you really want to expose KB here!?


Chloe: If the signal for evacuation is given...

Chloe: I will retreat.

Chloe: And if that's the case, Michel...
chloe: You and Free and Kurumi will too.

Chloe: Okay?

Michel: ...
Michel: Okay!

Michel: Free...

Michel: Just as I thought...

Michel: It seems as if...

Michel: I knew nothing of your former team mates.


Aya: !

Ken: It's stuck!


Ken: Geh!

Ken: Uwa!!


Ken: Uwa!

Ken: Uwa!
Ken: Uwa!

Ken: Uwa!

Ken: (That was close!!)
Ken: Die!!
Ken: If he hits us with those things, we'll die for sure!!

Aya: Is he the same as Free...
Aya: ...or better?

Caption: This is 'Human Interleukin's' power...

Aya: ...Honestly.

Aya: And here he is, unarmed!

Caption: This kind of thing is...
Caption: If his hands are crossed like that...!


Jack: ...Well, how was that?

Jack: Isn't it your job...
Jack: ...to hunt the 'black beasts'?

Jack: ...Like me, for example.

Passerby: What the hell's going on over there?

Passerby: Where's Scotland Yard?

[Note: Scotland Yard is the London policeforce. In this case, 'Yard' is given as the reading of the kanji for 'police'.]

Ken: You're really loud.
Ken: Originally, you were just a bad rat sneaking up on us.

Ken: But by noon, you'd started killing!

Aya: ......

Aya: And now...

Caption: ...Here...


Aya: ...Here's another person talking about KR's hypocrisy.

Aya: It's become nasty.

Aya: In spite of this, it doesn't seem as if we're truly helping troubled humans.

Aya: And so he took revenge on us.

Jack: The 'Children of Dwr' are...

Jack: ...quickly becoming like us and taking the medicine.

Jack: We're quickly changing...
Jack: But we'll continue to attack Britain in this manner.

Jack: And if that's so, you're no longer useful to us.

Jack: And after all...

Jack: You can't protect a person's heart...

Caption: How did Grancoster-Wells instigate this!?

Caption: Weiss Side B continues in the January issue of Zero Sum, which goes on sale 28th November.