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28 February 2006 @ 15:28
Maybe it's the news about WARD that inspired me (it gives me some time to catch up), but maybe it's also the fact that I pulled my self way from the Aya/Yuki story arc set in the US that I was stuck on. I'm just not interested enough in the Aya/Yuki/Akwagwa/Alison dynamics. I like the team and their interactions together. I love my Free/Michel angst, not to mention the comedy gold that is Chloe/Ken. One of the things I love best about Weiss Side B is the way that Oomine Shouko skilfully blends angst and comedy in the same issue. That's totally the way Weiss should be, to my mind.

Random poll...

What's your favourite pairing?

Aya & Ken.
Aya & Chloe.
Aya & Yuki.
Ken & Chloe.
Ken & Michel.
Yuki & Michel.
Free & Michel.
Chloe & Mihirogi.
Ken & Kurumi.
Something different.

For what it's worth, I've finished #12 and am halfway through #13. I just didn't have time to load the text file onto my camera (I'm using it as a portable disk drive ^^) before I came out because I was hurrying to the bank.

The trip to the bank was a success -- I completed my first transfer! I waited in line, surrounded by all these people who were waiting for the ATMS, so I felt really bad. Expecially since I was expecting to have so much trouble that I had my kanji dictionary in my bag...!

Anyway, I found the right button easily. But then... having typed in my PIN, I was suddenly hit with a wave of paranoia. What if I was doing this wrong? What about all the people waiting? I cancelled it and talked to one of the staff. She waited until I was at the front of the line and we went to the machine together and she walked me through it. ^^ Sure, I looked like an idiot, but I really didn't want to hold up all the people behind me or make some unfixable error.

So, it's done. ^_^ I hope a ticket arrives after all this...!

Thinking of going to the cinema this evening at Lalaport. I think there are some good films out right now, aren't there? I've seen a few advertised on TV, anyway.

Did anyone watch Nerima Daikon Brothers last night!? It was on a little late (Rocket Boys too) because of the Olympics, but it was so funny! Actually, I don't think I've laughed so much since the series started, even though there have been better episodes.

Is anyone actually watching Nerima Daikon Brothers?

Yes! It's so funny!
I tried to, since you kept talking about it. I didn't like it.
I might, if anyone subs it.

Partially, this is because I'm wondering if I even need an LJ cut for spoilers for this series. No one is watching it, are they?
菖蒲: Weiss Side Beye_ame on 28th February 2006 04:57 (UTC)
LOL! So far the only two votes for Aya/Chloe are from me and flash_gordon, the only two Russian Aya/Chloe shippers existent ;)))
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st March 2006 02:02 (UTC)
There are a lot more votes for that pairing now! I'd already got the impression that most of my flist were either Aya&Ken, Aya&Chloe or Michel&Free shippers. It seems that I wasn't too far off, I guess, although I thought more people liked Free/Michel. I'm surprised that so many prefer Ken&Chloe -- I think they're so funny together, but it's not a pairing I think I've ever seen mentioned.
菖蒲eye_ame on 1st March 2006 04:39 (UTC)
Ken|Chloe could be fun but to me it looks more like comic relief indeed. Besides, I've been a RanKen shipper all through the series and it's hard for me to believe Ken changed his affection. However I don';t really see Aya with him; he doesn't seem to feel Ken as an equal, rather as someone who needs to be led and taught. Therefore I'm all for RanChloe here ;)
The Wing Alchemistwing_zeto on 28th February 2006 06:12 (UTC)
Do you have a pairing you prefer in Side B? I got smacked (online, not literally!) for converting into a Chloe/Ken fan from Aya/Ken. XDDD
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st March 2006 02:05 (UTC)
I like Free & Michel best, but I also like Chloe & Ken and Aya & Ken. I'll also read Chloe & Aya because the writer's tend to be good and because I'll take any good WSB fic I can get, regardless of pairing.
菖蒲eye_ame on 1st March 2006 04:43 (UTC)
I'll take any good WSB fic I can get, regardless of pairing.
That's why I can't really say I'm into any pairing specifically.
I'd like to read some good Ran/Yuki though, so far haven't seen any.
nekojitanekojita on 28th February 2006 14:15 (UTC)
I'm glad that the transfer worked and the ticket should soon be yours! As for WSB... I do really enjoy the manga. As you said, it's a nice blend of angst and comedy, and I really like the art as well, it keeps growing on me. Now if only they'd get Yohji and/or Schwarz back into the storyline and I'd be very, very happy.
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st March 2006 02:26 (UTC)

I'd love to think that Youji will be back... but I don't think it's going to happen. I confess I don't like the way that firmly put an end to any Aya/Youji without invoking an AU. But I do like the team as it is now too.
nekojitanekojita on 1st March 2006 02:27 (UTC)
Well, it's no secret I adore Yohji/Aya but I just think out of all of them, he has the most terrible fate. It really is as if Yohji died since he's gone.
thirdshade on 1st March 2006 15:18 (UTC)
Even though this should have been ticky boxes, because I can't really choose between Free/Michel and Ken/Kurumi, so I wanted to vote for both. :(
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd March 2006 06:37 (UTC)
Yeah, I was going to follow it up with the same poll, only with ticky boxes... but I forgot. ^^

Yeah, there's obviously something between Ken and Kurumi (or he wants there to be), but I can also say the same about a whole lot of the pairings listed! :)