William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Kimeru must've finished his run on TV. Where am I going to to get recipes from now? He should definitely do a cooking tour.

I suppose there's always the SMAP Bistro...

I collected my Tenimyu ticket at the post office yesterday. I can't believe I'm going now!

Anyway, you'll hear no more of it until the day of the performance.

I did my speech at the International Association. It went pretty well, although I think I spoke too fast. My teacher, kuroe's teacher and the organisers said I did really well though, so I'm glad. Altogether, there were twenty-seven speeches, from people from fourteen different countries.

Afterwards, we went to Starbucks and Animate. I got another Kyou Kara Maou figure from the capsule machine. I've tried four times now and every single time I've got a different figure. I've only got Wolfram left to get now, but I doubt I'll get him first try.

I also tried the Final Fantasy capsule machine. I got Tifa... There was no Sephiroth or Reno figure, so whatever.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, they're selling FF12-brand drinks in Animate. For 210 en, you can get a Final Fantasy 'potion'! I want one...!

You can also get get Wolfram-flavoured jam.

I was disappointed because I missed it last week, when they were doing the Lord of the Rings spoof. But either it was a two-parter or no episode aired, because it was 'Lord of the the Biwa' this week, and it was as if it were the start.

(Koyasu Takehito was the voice of the biwa, which really emphasised how versatile he is. It had a very different voice from Kuroyan.)

Anyway, great episode and they even had music that sounded reminiscent of LotR. And, once again, it took place in Chiba. I'm very tempted to go on a trip on my next day off to find real biwa.

...Anyway, I think you know how this ends. I bought a Yakitate-brand Biwa & Ringo Danish today.
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