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16 March 2006 @ 01:01
Collected a parcel from the post office and picked up the latest edition of Lawson Ticket. That's something I wish I'd known when I'd first arrived in Japan -- that the very best listing of plays, concerts and lives that you can get in the shops is actually available for free from Lawson's.

I marked down a list of about fifteen shows I wanted to see, crossed off the ones that fell on days I was working and didn't care enough about. Right now, I'm left with about five shows I plan to try to get tickets for. Many of these I knew about or saw advertised elsewhere, but I think it's great to have it in one place, particularly when the places I was getting the info from were a mix of Livejournal communities and various official sites.

26th March (日) Tokyo International Anime Fair
28th March (火) Tenimyu
April (火) Bambino

27th April (木) T.M.Revolution
9th May (火) Naruto Ninja Illusion
10th May (水) Rock'n Jam II

28th May (日) Kimeru

The majority of these are either on sale or go on general sale this week. The ones in italics I have a ticket for already.

One of my friends from work is going to try to see The Rolling Stones today, having failed to get a ticket through some bizarre lottery system. He said he was going to turn up and wave money around. I wonder if he succeeded...? I did tell him Yahoo!Auctions might be a better plan (or even ask if they have any toujitsu tickets), but he said he preferred to do it this way.


I have a microwave oven now... but no idea of what to cook anymore! Anyone have any recipes?

From Moonphase:
  • Official Tenipuri OAV site
  • Better late than never...?

    NANA: Paku Romi (Vocals: Tsuchiya Anna)
    Nana: Kaori
    Ren: Kiuchi Hidenobu
    Yasu: Kawahara Yoshihisa
    Takumi: Morikawa Toshiyuki
    Nobu: Seki Tomokazu
    Shin: Ishida Akira
    Reira: Hirano Aya (Vocals: OLIVIA)
    Suwabe Jun'ichi
    Honda Takako
    Takahashi Hiroki
    Kojima Megumi
    Kanai Mika
    Katsu Anri
    Tachiki Fumihiko

    Finally, Final Fantasy XII will be released tomorrow...uh, today. It's kinda late, I guess?
    tirwolftirwolf on 15th March 2006 17:07 (UTC)
    hi. Found you through other friends I have recently met through LJ. I'm new to this & would like to be friended by you if you don't mind. I am tirwolf on Lj. My e-mail is: tirwolf@verizon.net.

    You can cook nearly anything in a microwave. I'm in the US so some of my ideas may not be to your liking or somethings may not be readily available there. If you care to let me know what kinds of foods you like or usually eat, I may be able to send some recipes on....Peggy
    Williamgenkischuldich on 15th March 2006 17:18 (UTC)
    Re: microwave
    Sure, no problem! Please forgive if I seem a little spaced out right now because it's currently very late and I'm only still at this net cafe because they charge in blocks of fifteen minutes. That might take a little explanation... I don't have a net connection at home, so I always go to a net cafe.

    Ack. Like I said, a little spaced out.

    What I usually like? I'd really like something healthy with some vegetables. I think I'm currently lacking vegetables in my diet. Any suggestions would be great though. Thank you very much!
    tirwolftirwolf on 15th March 2006 17:28 (UTC)
    Re: microwave
    Wow! Guess I'm just spoiled! Have 5 sons (4 living at home)& just assumed that everyone (mid-east & African states aside) used microwave & standard range tops & ovens! Most preparation boxes on anything that you buy in the US has both oven, stove top, & microwave directions on the side or back panel. Do you like meat, chicken, fish along with vegetables? Sauces, gravies, cheese? Noodles &/or rice? Italian? Not trying to be nosy just tryin to narrow down the field a bit. By the way, it is almost 30 min. past noon here. I am in North Western Pennsylvania, US & am writing from home.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 17th March 2006 10:28 (UTC)
    Re: microwave
    I'm trying to cut down on red meat and replace it with fish. I love cheese, but it's so expensive here! I'm not really looking for ready meals though -- and in fact, there aren't that many here, bar what can be bought in the convenience store. ^^ I love peppers, brocoli and spinach, if that helps.

    Thanks. :)
    tirwolftirwolf on 17th March 2006 13:31 (UTC)
    Re: microwave
    Hi. Thanks so much for answering. If you have a regular mailing address, I have a microwave cookbook from Kitchen Aide that is quite complete. I have never used it (sons were too young at the time & aren't into good food!)as my sons are now teens & still into the world of fast food..yuck. Would be more than happy to ship it to you! Hate when things just collect dust! Yes, I'm serious!
    Peggy (almost 51 yr old mom of 5 boys aged 21-14)
    Williamgenkischuldich on 21st March 2006 11:31 (UTC)
    Re: microwave
    Thank you so much for the offer! I'm really grateful! However, it's okay -- the postage costs would be enormous and I can't ask you to do that. But thank you very much anyway!
    tirwolftirwolf on 17th March 2006 13:45 (UTC)
    Re: microwave
    Oh, you can send that to my e-mail if you wish:


    I'm in NW PA,USA
    tirwolftirwolf on 15th March 2006 17:35 (UTC)
    Different subject.
    As an aside... am fairly new to the world of fan-fic & many of the anime` series' that didn't air on standard US network TV. Would you know who may carry the 'Ran & Knight drama' cd; 'The Dramatic Precious Album';The Schwarz Drama cd's; & who is a good manga supplier in the US? My Japanese is poor at best so sub-titles or translations are a must. Any thoughts would be helpful.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 17th March 2006 10:31 (UTC)
    Re: Different subject.
    Those may be a little difficult to find, as I think they are out of print. Plus, I don't really have much experience with American manga publishers. I've heard good things about JP Queen and ordered successfully from CD Japan and Amazon JP, but none of these are based in the US. They will ship there though.

    You might try joining a few communities and asking there.