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I corrected this in the last ten minutes. I'm tired and only still in this net cafe because they charge in blocks of fifteen minutes. Grammar and accuracy may be even wonkier than usual.

This is going to cost a fortune... I was just trying to reply to all my penpals! ^^

Aya: In Britain, these religious fanatics slept, suppressed...

Aya: 'The Children of Dwr'...!

Aya: And now they're waking up, one by one!

Ken (thinks): "Dwr"!?

Caption: A crowd surrounds Aya and Ken. Who... is the enemy!?

Okita: If you run, you'd better keep running...!!

Kurumi: No...


Voice: Agh...!

Caption: The vivid drama accelerates...!

Weiss Side B
#28 Phantom Dance


Caption: What destiny awaits Aya, Ken and Kurumi...?

Manga: Oomine Shouko.
Original Concept: Koyasu Takehito.
Scans provided by nekojita.


SFX: *grab*

Kurumi: !

Ken: Anyway...

Ken: What do you bastards think you're doing...
Ken: ...crowding around a lone woman like this?


Ken: Isn't England...

Ken: Always said to be full of 'gentlemen'?

Ken: Hmm?♥

Aya: Shinjou Kurumi.


Aya: It's obvious that just one entity is behind this.

Aya: You assume that we're using you, but...
Aya: When you spoke to Mihirogi, she was telling you the truth.

Caption: Your Human Interleukin III...

Caption: ...can also become a medicine that saves lives.

Aya: However, we're not a charity.

Aya: Of course we want control over life or death too.

Aya: But now...

Aya: We've been asked to stop the drug called 'Human Interleukin III' being spread.


Aya: Due to this request...
Aya: We killed one of the drug's developers and your parents.

Aya: As a means of preventing the chaos this medicine is causing.

Kurumi: ...Chaos, you say...

Kurumi: This thing...?

Aya: --Perhaps.

Ken: ...They've not made their entrance yet.

Kurumi: If this is about 'me'...

Kurumi: Can't you...
Kurumi: ...stop them?

Aya: ......

Aya: I can't promise anything for sure.


Kurumi: You people claim you won't misuse this...
Kurumi: ...but I've no guarantee of that either.

Ken: We don't understand that either.

Ken: But, of course...

Ken: At least...

Ken: It's only for now.


Ken: It's been tough lately, thanks to that drug.
Ken: If you lose to us, we'll feel much better.

Aya: Considering our specialist abilities...
Aya: A brawl with ordinary opponents is unusual.

Ken: Surely we must've told you...

Ken: Even if we're workers in a flower shop right now...

Ken: 'Shinjou Kurumi' is our co-worker.


Okita: ...A lie!

Okita: Shut up!
Okita: Shuttupshuttup!

Okita: You're just assassins!

Okita: Seize them!

Aya: With these numbers, why were you holding back?

Okita: Do you plan to defy the British...
Okita: ...like this!!?

Chloe: ......
Chloe: Defy the "British"...?

Chloe: Nana?

Nana: Yes. The 'Children of Dwr' and Okita...
Nana: ...are trying to provoke the populace.


Michel: ...Nana!

Michel: The police are coming!

Voice: Hn.
Voice: This is more than unpleasant.

Chloe: OK, send me out.

Nana: Chlo--
Chloe: Nana, your final confirmation?

Nana: We, KB, are participating in this brawl...
Nana: And usually, being well-known for such things is rather embarrassing.

Chloe: Okita is already being dealt with by Aya and the others.
Chloe: During this time, we should recover Shinjou Kurumi -- Human Interleukin III.

Chloe: ...I think if we move now...

Chloe: ...casting away the two Japanese men that committed murder would be a clever move.

Chloe: But there's quite a crowd gathered.

Chloe: What do you think?

Nana: ...If that's how you feel...

Nana: I hardly need to send you out.


Chloe: (Hah.)
Chloe: Such insight.

Nana: Please behave yourself.

Chloe: Hn.

Chloe: Since everything is hidden in white smoke...
Chloe: In final act, what the audience saw will be reduced to a mere fantasy and I will remain unseen.

Chloe: A triumph within a triumph.

Chloe: Since it's them, everything will probably go smoothly.

Ken: Kurumi-chan, get out!

Ken: Send the others to help us!

Ken: Run!


Jack: Kugh...

Okita: ......
Okita: Remain here until I say.

Okita: W-Wait!

Okita: Not yet...!


Jack: It's fine.
Jack: You predicted it most skilfully.

Jack: We've infuriated the 'Children of the Red Dragon'...
Jack: And now they're fighting those two...

Okita: B-But if they link us to Human Interleukin III...
Okita: They won't accept our membership and...

Okita: Those people are tough.
Okita: Even so, it's impossible for them to escape unharmed.

Jack: Kill her.

Jack: 'Human Interleukin III'...

Jack: ...can't talk if she's dead.

Okita: ...!

Jack: I'll deal...

Jack: ...with my colleagues.


Ken: A--
Aya: !


Jack: Hey.

Aya: ...Him...!

Jack: ......

Jack: It's been a such a long time...

Jack: ...hasn't it, my friends from Kripton Brand?

All: !!


Jack: ......
Jack: Free...

Jack: You returned...

Aya: ......

Aya: Is he...
Aya: from Side-A Team...?

Aya: One of the missing...

Aya: ...members of Kripton Brand...!


Ken: Not yet.

Ken: First, you get to have fun with new people.

Aya: Hn...

Ken: Fall back, Kurumi-chan!!

Caption: As for the man from Side-A Team who appeared in front of Aya and Ken... What's his plan!?

Caption: It continues in the December issue of Zero Sum, on sale on the 28th October.
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