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More FFXII spoilers.

So, the big spoiler was that Basch turns up again. However, he is listed as a guest in your party (for now?), so you can't alter him or stop him from fighting. This would be quite useful, seeing as he turns up in just his underwear and no weaponry.

...Anyway, after Balflear and Vaan end up in prison, Vaan gets in trouble with the guards and ends up fighting them in a pit. Balflear also jumps into the pit to help him.

(Oh, the stories that will be told! Actually, I'm sure someone is already firing up their word processor to tell that story. But I digress...)

After defeating the guards, The Judge turns up. He has shiny armour and, when he takes his mask off, he looks a bit like Balflear. His father, perhaps?

I sneaked away and in the deepest part of the dungeons, I found the aforementioned Basch, chained up. Vaan goes crazy, since Basch betrayed his brother and killed everyone. There's no time for Basch to explain, since the guards are following them. Someone (Balflear?) loosens the chain connecting the harness that holds Basch; everyone grabs on and plunges into the duct that Basch was suspended over.

I found myself in a room with two switches and a shop. I tried pushing either of the switches, but neither of them worked. I went to the shopkeeper, who gave me a fuse. This seemed to work, and the gate opened.

However, the power doesn't last long. The longer you stay in the dungeon, the power will slowly count down. Once it goes below 30%, the lights will dim and the things that only come out at night will show up. However, if you kill the Battery Mimics, you'll get a bit more energy and the lights will get brighter.

Having failed many times, I killed everything in the first room and ran back to the save crystal. I really recommend this -- it means you can start this section at 50% and, more importantly, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THAT MINI-CUT SCENE EVERY TIME YOU ENTER AFTER DYING.

Once I'd saved, I skipped the next chamber and went straight into the next area transition. From there, I took the left fork, then the right fork. There's a handful of dead ends there too.

I was running out of energy, but I just managed to hit the switch at the end just before the energy fell below 30%. Somewhere nearby, there's a raised fence (that's what the switch did). I kept running and, I think, found a save crystal beyond that fence.

Best suggestion: Keep healing your lead person (with other characters) and try to customise the gunbits so that the other characters are more likely to follow you. However, once you cross an area transition, your party will join you, whatever they were doing.

Before this, I also used the licence system to add some abilities to my characters. This is SO simple to do and is far better than the sphere system in FFX.

I think it's at this point that Basch actually finds some weaponry and becomes useful. Since he's a guest character, you can't customise him or order him around. I think I stopped liking him when, while I was handing out potions to everyone in a quiet area, he wandered off and brough back a hoard of monsters. Thanks, Basch.

Anyway, Basch says that he wanted to protect Vaan's brother, but...


Honestly. Still, I'm not really expecting any major plot revelations, since I've only really just stopped(?) getting tutorials from other characters within the game.

Basch also asked after Reks, but Vaan very quickly told him he was dead. Hmm.

Anyway, the battle goes outside at this point, and it's all rather pretty, since it takes place in a dimly-lit rocky landscape. It's not too difficult from here, even though there is one dead-end which contains a phoenix down. Inside a building, there's a save crystal, which I'm really glad I used before continuing. In the next room, there's a boss.

Basically, it's a cross between the Queen from Alien and the Battery Mimics. Have died twice already, and it's fairly clear I have a bit of levelling up to do. I didn't even succeed with all four characters at level eight.

Next time then.

I watched Sister Bomber, Rocket Boys and Nerima last night.

Sister Bomber is SO BAD. It's like a cross between Songs of Praise and Charlie's Angels. I'm talking about Kung Fu nuns, people.

It stars Koike Eiko, Kitagawa Eri and Katsumura Mika. Basically, three beautiful air-headed nuns fight crime (or something close to it) and use special communicators (graphics circa 1985) to find each other. Features pratfalls from a little boy rolling marbles all over the place. It's dreadful. It's compulsive.

Nerima Daikon Brothers was... something else entirely. It resulted in this conversation:

Me: What just happened?
kuroe: Didn't you see? Michael Jackson and the Nabe Man were part of a sinister conspiracy. Then the leader of the conspiracy showed up and it was Prime Minister Koizumi The Lion, flying in a gold version of the Diet Building.
Me: Yeah, but what happened??

I'm not cutting for Nerima anymore. I really, really don't believe anyone is watching it.
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