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27 March 2006 @ 09:36
Arrived with about twenty minutes to spare, in time for the Gakuen Heaven event -- however, a couple of hundred women had come even earlier and the queue that stretched outside the building wasn't taking any more people. There wasn't enough room to stand and watch -- women that had had the same idea were quickly moved on.

Very disappointed -- they knew that huge numbers of people were going to be interested, right?

Took the chance to wander around for a little -- I've now seen the opening to Ouran Koukou Host Club and it looks jaw-droppingly gay and cracky. Awesome. They also had clips from Juuousei, which looks like it'll be good. They've already started producing movie posters for the Death Note movie, and it looks fantastic. No actual flyers though. Oh, and Yakyuu Nine looks pretty interesting; insane baseball comedy with pretty boys. They also had really big posters for a live-action version of LoveCon (Lovely Complex). I don't think I've seen anyone mention that(?), but the manga's huge around here.

Otherwise, I went around, picking up freebies. They had a huge dragon's head to represent the Wizard of Earthsea anime (called 'Ged Senki'), which some people might be interested in? Or at least, want to know how they're treating it.

I caught a glimpse of Fukuyama Jun-san as I was passing the booth. Looked like he was having fun...

We looked around for a bit, and then I went to the Touei Animation Stage. It wasn't going to start for another one and a half hours, but I now realised it was best to be very early. When we got there, they were in the middle of a Ring ni Kakero event with Morita Masakazu-san and Kusao Takeshi-san. That's when we were approached by a film crew who wanted to know if we would give a short interview, to be shown on an American on-demand anime channel. I think I may've talked nonsense, but if you see me on cable, let me know! Ahahaha... ^^;;;

(Why do they always ask me, I wonder...?)

Next was the Gaiking stage. I had absolutely no expectations for this and it was just something to pass the time as I slowly moved closer to the stage. However, the seiyuu and the live music were really good! Tanaka Mayumi-san and Kusao Takeshi-san are obviously pretty close and I love seeing the way seiyuu interact with each other. Both were in high spirits -- I'm guessing that Tanaka-san voices the main male character? She would randomly break out into her character's voice -- and it sounded amazingly masculine. Obviously a very talented lady. She was having lots of fun with Kusao-san, who apparently forgot who Hirata Hiroaki-san voiced in One Piece. Kusao-san's also in the OP cast... As well as one of the characters, it seems he also does the voice of the giant robot. He does it well.

Anyway, there was also music from Psychic Lover, who sung the OP. I heard it enough times to join in with the chorus, as they encouraged us to do so. A very upbeat duo, I think. The seiyuu and Psychic Lover all joined in for one final rendition at the end, which was lots of fun. I've still got the song in my head -- GAI GAI GA-GA-GAI GAI GAI GA-GA-GAI GAIKI-N-GU!

Anyway, eventually it was time for the One Piece stage. The very first thing that happened was that three of the characters in full body suits came out and danced to what I guess must've been the OP theme. It was all rather sinister.

Eventually, the seiyuu emerged to squees from a number of girls behind me. Yamaguchi Kappei-san and Hirata Hiroaki-san!! In all honesty, the audience seemed to be 5% children, 5% their parents and 90% female seiyuu fans. Perhaps, they misjudged the focus of the event then? After a short talk, they did a quick quiz including questions like 'what colour is Chopper's nose?' and 'what is Sanji's job?'. Since the seiyuu failed to answer correctly (obviously planned -- hee!), they asked the children in the audience. The four(?) that answered correctly got to come up on stage and took part in a sketch game with the seiyuu. They were all told to draw Chopper from memory.

Yamaguchi Kappei-san put a lot of effort into his drawing -- he's really good! When he revealed his, there was a chorus of 'KAWAIIIIII~!' from all sides.

Hirata-san... did not draw Chopper. He drew a 'nipper' with antlers and a cross, plus a 'hopper' with antlers and a cross... I was laughing so hard. It really was very funny, but I guess you had to be there. After an intense game of janken, an audience member won the drawings -- I wanted to take part, but I was too scared...

I left completely adoring Hirata Hiroaki-san -- not only does he have a great voice, he made me laugh too. Yamaguchi-san too, of course.

Next we went to the avex booth for the Ueki no Housoku event, where Paku Romi-san, Kawakami Tomoko-san and Saiga Mitsuki-san. Saiga Mitsuki-san is SO cool! When she came out, pretty much everyone screamed. Unfortunately, I couldn't see very well, even though I was quite near the front because there were four or five huge men in front of me. Anyway, they joked with each other, calling each other 'eroi' and made jokes. Saiga-san really does have an amazing normal speaking voice -- probably not that far from Wolfram's. She's awesome.

Next, I tried to go to the Soul Ignution/Suzumura Ken'ichi-san event, but wow, queue! Suzumura-san really did look good though. I looked around some more instead. There was a showing of adverts for cwfilms, some of which looked pretty good. Negadon, for example, seemed to be a modern take on 'giant monster eats Tokyo'. Others didn't look so great, like the completely computer generated one. I can forgive that kind of wooden unnaturalness from game cut-scenes, but not in a film.

We were also shown a pretty cool 3D video by a company showing off the software they had developed. If you stare into a box, placing your head where the lines are, the picture is in 3D. The film they showed us was of a roller coaster and it was pretty hypnotic.

Soon after that, we headed to Stage II for the final show. In it, five giggly girls attempted to find their positions for their song and giggled. Lots. At least they were colour-coordinated. About twenty-five minutes into it, Seki Tomokazu-san finally came out. He asked the girls a few questions and they gaves some pretty brainless answers and giggled a lot.

The fair was almost ready to close, so we looked around a final time. There was a board listing new animations and Trigun X was listed on it. Not to mention that there's also a Highlander animation being developed, it seems.

I also got a glimpse of some of the opening scenes of xxxHolic. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't look too great. They've copied CLAMP's 'spider leg' style and it looks really silly when animated. Everyone is out of proportion -- not in a cool anime-style way, but badly so. Maybe the plot and voice acting will make up for it...? EDIT: Oh, I forgot to say that this is the TV series I'm talking about, not the film!

Anyway, I had a great day and a whole bunch of flyers to remember it by. Might photo a few, since they're pretty interesting.
reichsfreiherr on 26th March 2006 20:47 (UTC)
I found the spidery-style limbs a little odd at first but it did fit with the slightly jarring aspect of the whole story. The rendered backgrounds were wonderful though. There were lots of bits that would make perfect sections for a game similar to 7th Guest or whatnot.

And the Earthesea anime does sound like it could be interesting and now I know what it’s called it’ll be easier to keep a look out for it. I’ve no idea if the idea of a Highlander anime fills me with dread yet or not though.
Williamgenkischuldich on 27th March 2006 09:03 (UTC)
Re: XXXholic
I dunno. It just didn't look very good to me -- it actually reminded me of some very specific 'bad animation' from Weiss Kreuz. But maybe it'll grow on me...
Dhieta - D18 is the path I follow.....: Seiyuu//Mogitan Soul Sonicarisuesei on 26th March 2006 20:57 (UTC)
Surely FukuJun had fun. Besides Gakuen Heaven, he had Princess.Princess event too. He must don't overwork himself or he will end up in hospital. ^^;;;
Speaking of Gakuen Heaven, have you seen this? You must join on comm first
Williamgenkischuldich on 27th March 2006 09:22 (UTC)
Thanks... although it's kinda scary too. The comments seem to be right though... they don't seem to be enjoying themselves. What comments of Konitan's are they referring to?
Dhieta - D18 is the path I follow.....: Skip Beat//Ren x Kyokoarisuesei on 27th March 2006 18:58 (UTC)
Er, may I know your email ?I'll pass the link for you.
Konitan's case is bit sensitive and I don't want to throw more fuel into fire. ^^;;;
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th March 2006 10:59 (UTC)
Just send it to me via genkischuldich AT Livejournal DOT com. That should work!

lux: DDS - Schroedingerluxetumbra on 26th March 2006 21:29 (UTC)
Trigun X was listed on it.

Oh, ho, ho, how veeeery interesting. *googles*
Williamgenkischuldich on 27th March 2006 09:24 (UTC)
Tell me if you find anything -- I just had a quick look and all I found were bios of people who liked both X/1999 and Trigun.
lux: Saiyuki - Hakkai Smileluxetumbra on 27th March 2006 21:24 (UTC)
Googled a bit, but all I could really find was a reference at Moonphase here (search for トライガンX) and this photo of the Madhouse kiosk (too small to read anything though ;_;). There's also this chatlog but the person doesn't source his info.

But this is very exciting news. Trigun was one of the first "modern" (which for me means "post-Robotech" XDDD;;) anime series to capture my interest. I loved the series, but I always wanted to see more of Knives.

And lol, I can't believe they're making a Highlander anime. Should be awesome if Madhouse is doing it though. Loved that short they did for the Animatrix DVD.
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th March 2006 11:06 (UTC)
Oh, I hadn't thought to put it in kana, since it was listed in English. Thanks!
Evieperf3ct_trag3dy on 30th March 2006 09:18 (UTC)
Oh god, this is awesome! Thanks for the Trigun info. Oooh and yeah I wanna see more Knives-sama
amelia cavendish: wonderland__ ritsuka yoursyami_tai on 27th March 2006 06:18 (UTC)
Ooh, I'm interested in the Earthsea anime. I adore those books ^________^!
Williamgenkischuldich on 27th March 2006 09:27 (UTC)
Did you like the miniseries too...? I never watched it myself, but I did hear a lot of complaints!
amelia cavendish: kismet_icons bleach bladeyami_tai on 27th March 2006 09:53 (UTC)
No, I haven't seen the mini-series either because I saw a lot of complaints online about it too. It put me off to be honest. Hopefully the anime will be much better *crosses fingers*!
tirwolftirwolf on 27th March 2006 08:49 (UTC)
Sounds WONDERFUL! Wonder if the anime' & yaoi cons I have heard about here are as much fun. Have heard Neko talk about a few that she has attended..will have to put these events on my 'to-do' list. Thanks for sharing!
Williamgenkischuldich on 27th March 2006 09:30 (UTC)
I think the ones in America are meant to quite good -- Yaoicon sounds lots of fun. The ones in the UK are entirely dependent on who you can hang around with. Lately I've been very lucky in that regard though!
Mewgokumew2 on 27th March 2006 18:53 (UTC)
Thanks for the great report! I wish I could see so many in seiyuu in one day. .;_;
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th March 2006 09:55 (UTC)
Yeah, but you really have to plan it around your favourites, otherwise you'll just get lost in a maze of queues! I'll know next time! :)
Mewgokumew2 on 28th March 2006 13:41 (UTC)
*nod* I hope I can go back to Japan soon! Sometimes when I watch dramas like Wakaba or something, I just really miss the place.
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th March 2006 05:39 (UTC)
Yeah, I know what you mean. I was always getting that right up until the time I moved here. *nods*
Ettelieettelie on 28th March 2006 02:28 (UTC)
mmm, that must have been so much fun ^^

I'm a big fan of the Earthsea books and I've seen the trailer for the anime, it looks great. As for the miniseries, if the one made by Hallmark is meant, I couldn't bare to watch more then 10 minutes, it was so awful -_-;

I've seen the xxHolic movie and the spider legs and giraffe necks got on my nerves too, but as someone already mentioned the backgrounds where beautiful. I liked the plot too, so I guess it made up for it ^___^; (seen it 2 times)
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th March 2006 10:54 (UTC)
I don't know if there are any other miniseries, so yeah. ^^ I didn:t watch the trailer though.

Ah, I guess I didn't say, but I was talking about the xxxHolic tv series. And there aren't really any nice backgrounds to make up for it... So, I don't know really. ^^;;;