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It's 8.00pm and I'm already exhausted. I stayed up too late playing that Tenipuri game and then got up early to get Kimeru tickets which weren't there. His website says they've sold out.

Oh, and I recovered from my cold in just a few days. I attribute this to drinking a special concoction and pills recced to me at the drugstore. I have no idea what's in the vitamin drink though -- I looked at the ingredients list and none of them are in my dictionary. But it really did work!

Amazon sent me an ad for Weiss Side B 5. Old news, but I'm just surprised they managed to make a good rec after all the pilates books they've been offering me.

I need some new icons... er... has anyone got a spare copy of Photoshop they can lend me? I used to have it on my hard-drive, but it didn't work when I put that hard drive into a new computer.

The game is set over two weeks. You're a second year at [school of your choice] who is helping the tennis team set up a stand for an attraction contest and performance contest. The winners get tickets to Wimbledon.

Throughout, you have a 'love check graph' so you can see who likes you the most at any given time. The boy in the lead will a) win the pool contest and b) be a member of the team with the winning performance. This means you get a "cut scene" of their performance.

I say "cut scene", but it's kind of sad after FFXII. They're one panel, with sound. But you can collect them all, if you date every single boy... ^^ I think they spent all their budget on the seiyuu, actually. This game is really cheap. You can say that that's pretty common for dating games, but the pictures are actually below the usual standard of most.

Having said that, the game does have its charms; I wouldn't still be playing it otherwise. The main one is that, obviously, Tennis no Oujisama is (was? :P) a shounen series and so the boys aren't the usual cardboard cut-outs found shoujo dating games. In such games, it's easy to see how each boy has been carefully designed for each type of girl that might be playing the game.

Plus, if you date a lot of boys from the same team (ahaha), the storyline will be repetitive enough for you to learn lots of new Japanese words. I honestly think that I expanded my vocabulary by playing through four people from the same team. I'm sure this sounds like I'm damning with faint praise, but the game really is cute and cracky. But cheap. Very cheap.

So far...

My favourite. Lovely voice.

Dating Tezuka and certain other characters will trigger Atobe's version of Hamlet. Ooishi is the queen and Ryouma is Orphelia. This is clearly the big set piece, because it has FIVE (or so) still panels. Unfortunately 'dating' him is pretty miserable because he never smiles or shows any emotion.

Haha. Better than Tezuka. :P I knew it was love when he stopped calling me 'temee' and started calling me 'omae'. Plus, Akutsu with shoujo sparkles is awesome. XD

Cute. But Kikumaru gets very jealous. At one point, he says that if my character is 'getting friendly' with Ooishi, then he is too! Or something along those lines.

He says his preference isn't for girls usually, which made my character say that must mean he likes boys... It seems that the GP pairing is still hinted at, even in a het dating game. Figures!
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