William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I tried to get the manga of Juuousei the very next day after it aired, but there was a gap in the bookshelf where volume one should've been...! At least it's popular, I guess.

Speaking of which, here's the RAW torrent: Juu-ou-sei #1.

No idea about the quality though, since I can't download it myself.

Most people at work didn't know that it was Easter until I brought in some chocolate. No chocolate eggs though, because I couldn't find any here. Happy Easter everyone...!

From Moonphase:
  • Trailer for Ged Senki (Ghibli Earthsea movie).

    Last night, I was watching TV and eating "apple cover", which seems to be the illegitimate offspring of an apple pie and a pudding. And I watched Kat-Tun mounting a dog... four members were each locked in a room with a message that said "Please make friends with the dog". And so they did. Some of them became... very intimate friends. o.O

    Japanese TV is awesome.
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