William (genkischuldich) wrote,

kuroe went shopping yesterday and came back with TWO Seigaku jackets, one each. Since I thought they were out of stock, maybe they're making them again because of the film?

He was actually looking for Final Fantasy Potions at the time. We've been looking for them since we started playing the game (instead of just looking forward to it), but no luck. The funny thing is that two different people we know have found them randomly in convenience stores.

I headed to Lalaport today with kuroe. I got a (the?) Kyou Kara Maou artbook to get change for the train. It's rather good; if you're a fan, you should definitely get a copy. Near Lalaport, I actually found a copy of the first issue of the Juu-ou-sei manga today. None of the other bookshops had it -- they usually had gaps where it should be and/or a few copies of the second book. Interesting. I read a handful of pages while waiting for the train back -- it's both melodramatic, angsty and easy to understand! And, strangely, it has furigana. *love*

For only the second time since we got here, we tried some curry. Curry is very popular in Japan, but it isn't that good. Often it doesn't even have a proper name -- usually, it's simply 'curry rice'. This was pretty good, I thought, although not as good as the places back in Britain.

When I got back, I decided to actually sign up with Tsutaya, since they had OAV Tennis no Oujisama for rental. But they won't let me rent from them! I need a Proper Phone and a keitai doesn't count. That's rubbish. I went to Anan instead. I got a volume of Tennis no Oujisama, Lorelei, BBC!Narnia, Chikan Otoko and some baseball comedy that I can't remember the name of.

Finally, there seems to be a party at a bar just down our road at the end of this month - tickets are 3000 en and include live music and a drink. Am considering it, but I don't think kuroe will be able to go, and I don't really want to go on my own.
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