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Golden Week is getting closer. One of my neighbours has already put up some koi streamers in his backyard. I can see them from my balcony window.

Speaking of which, I met my new neighbour. He introduced himself and brought round a bag of expensive-looking cakes. Anyone know how to deal with situations like that? It's supposed to be common, but I've never seen it done before. I had the Japanese to deal with the situation, but not the cultural background. Upon being presented with the gift, are you meant to invite the person in? I'm guessing the answer is 'no', but it's very... un-British to suddenly receive a gift from a complete stranger and not do something in return. Is there something I should do now? I would like to speak to him again, since it would be nice to know more Japanese people near me. Any suggestions?

Actually, my initial response was to fetch him a small bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs and explain that it was recently Easter. So British.

I already watched Chikan Otoko, which starred Yanagi Koutarou-san. Um... I didn't really like it? Perhaps it's because I like to pretend I'm studying Japanese when I spend lots of money on video rental, but this was grammar hell; probably since it's based around 2ch.

I think it's based on a book by Itano Sumito, but the comparisons with Densha Otoko are kinda obvious. However, my impression is that its ties to 2ch are much stronger that in Densha Otoko; I don't recall it (the DO film) even mentioning the board by name. And although I wasn't a big fan of Densha Otoko, I thought the main character more likable. Eh, I'm just going to be vague because nothing I'm going to say is worth an LJ cut. I'll just say I'm tired of those infamous cat faces already.

I think, ultimately, if you like Yanagi-san you should give it a go. Otherwise, I don't think it's really worth the time.

I didn't mention that I got some CDs at Book Off the other day. I got a Tenimyu Soundtrack and a Weiss Kreuz soundtrack. I already bought the Weiss CD years ago, but -- like all my other CDs -- I put it onto my MP3 player and took it to Japan instead of fitting all those CDs into my suitcase. And now my MP3 player is dead and useless and only says 'Hardware Problem'. I don't think that I'm going to persuade anyone to send me a new player from a completely different country, without a receipt...

Anyone know when the next issue of WARD is due out...? The official site just says 'Spring', which isn't particularly helpful!
Tags: japan life, movies, myuboys
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