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WSB #15: The Lab Subjects

In other news, the Juu-Ou-Sei manga is awesome. I love it to bits, and the anime is amazing too. The manga gives some interesting background on the colony, things that haven't been covered (yet?) in the anime. The anime is working to a completely different timeline -- some events in the first episode haven't happened in the manga yet, while events that happened at the very start of the manga only turned up in episode two. I actually quite like that they're both different takes on the same story, although I think the manga treats the relationship between the two boys better. You can see that Tooru is the more aggressive one from the very start; he wants to be a pilot while his brother is shocked because it would upset their parents.

Also, a scene that BOTH the manga and anime had was Tooru pretending to be Raai so he could speak to a girl. I'm wondering if the fact that they're twins is significant or if it's just so that Raai can angst about 'a killer with [his] face'. Or will they swap roles later...?

Right now, I'm curious about what's happened to Raai. In the first episode's cliffhanger, he was swallowed by tentacles. In the opening to the second episode, Tizu (rom?) says he's dead. But there's no body! And dramatically speaking, it's too anticlimactic. I'm sure he's going to turn up later, probably at the most angst-appropriate moment. I hope so!

If anyone in Japan is reading this, you can go to the official website and send off for a Juu-Ou-Sei present. Thirty people will receive copies of the manga... so please give it a try!

And a poll I nicked from vanillafire:

Which PoT team should I be in?

St Rudolph

And which character am I most like?

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