William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I was just playing the Tennis no Oujisama dating game, but stopped to watch Ouran.

Yes, this is relevent.

It opened with a girl playing a dating game which strongly resembles the Ouran universe. She's fallen in love with one of the boys there and she has plushies and figures and everything related to him. And it shows the game she's playing detail -- the speech selection, the lack of any real movement, the cliches. And yes, it strongly resembled my Tennis no Oujisama game.

Let's just say that I couldn't stop laughing for the first five minutes.

Anyway, she goes to their school to become their manager upon finding out that Kyouya looks like her idol. She assigns them stereotypical roles and they act in a film based on this.

My favourite boys(s) are definitely the twins. I can't quite believe how blatant they are. My favourite scene this week was when one of them bites off Haruhi's cookie while she's biting off the other half just to get a reaction from Tamaki. Oh, and they almost kiss. Again.

I can't really talk about Haruhi without going into why I like her so much compared to all those other anime girls. However, she seems like the type that some may see as needing to be 'fixed'. If the anime ends with her enrolling "properly" in the school as a girl and acting "feminine" for Tamaki, I'll be so pissed off. Really.

Anyway, it ends with the girl dragging Haruhi away... and it doesn't even occur to Haruhi to protest because she's a girl, but because she's being too forceful. The preview showed the twins having a falling out, so it looks like next episode will focus on them.

While I remember, Lala is giving away a free Host Club mechanical pencil this month. Am considering getting it.
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