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I was a little disappointed in this episode. Tizu is pathetic. Women are supposed to be tough on Kimaera, and you can even see this in the way she speaks (she says 'ore', while Tooru uses 'boku'). So when she's threatened, her first instinct is to... hide behind Tooru? Let him fight for her? It doesn't make any sense. I also didn't think that anything seemed to happen in comparison with other episodes.

I'm still enjoying the manga, but I'm feeling even greater anticipation for the time when Tooru falls.

While I was watching it, I saw a CM for the Sony Fest. I'd always ignored it because I don't have Sundays off. However, for some reason, it just suddenly clicked that I do have that Sunday off now, due to a shift swap. I suppose it's too much to hope that tickets will still be available... *sigh*

While I'm on the subject of Juu-Ou-Sei, wouldn't a crossover/fusion with the Sweet Valley series be awesome? Please don't hate me...

The cicada season is coming soon. I always thought they were insects with fleeting lives that marked the end of the rainy season and the start of a long hot summer. Their song inspired a sense of nostalgia in Japanese people.

...In books, anime and plays, anyway. The reality seems to be a large cockroach-like insect that has a habit of dropping, dead, out of the sky. Don't go near any trees, I'm told.

I have no idea how to pronounce its name though. One American said 'siKARda', while another two Americans, both from the same area, said 'siKEIda'. I said 'SIKuda'.

How do you say "cicada"?

A different way...

Weiss Side B #10
Weiss Side B #11
Weiss Side B #12
Weiss Side B #13
Weiss Side B #14
Weiss Side B #15
Weiss Side B #28
Weiss Side B #29
Weiss Side B #30
Weiss Side B #31

WSB #16: The Moratorium of Memories

Since I translated that last chapter, I wondered if pages were often changed between the tankouban and the issues as they appeared in Zero-Sum. So, I had a look at a sections of the new tankouban and the scans I got from nekojita. There are the usual corrections; some kana words were changed to kanji, some furigana added, not to mention the usual change of typesetting on the first page. However, there were some completely redrawn panels and, in one case, a whole page was removed.

Chapter 24

River photo replaced with similar illust.

Illust of Kurumi replaces blank panel.

Illust of team replaces mostly blank panel.

Screentone is blacked out.

Chapter 25

Illust of Side B fighting replaces illust of canal.

Illustration of Kurumi's face and of her speaking replaces blank panel.

Chapter 26

Vertical lines added to top panel.

Illust of Mihirogi added to blank panel.

Illust of people watching replaces blank panel.

A policeman is added to a mostly blank panel.

A scene of a policeman holding Kurumi, surrounded by onlookers replaces a blank panel.

Chapter 27

Aya and Ken added to blank panel.

Man added to blank panel.

The final page has been removed completely. Presumably this is so it flows more smoothly into the next chapter, without characters repeating themselves.

Chapter 28

There are more flowers.
Blank panel has been replaced with Aya fighting.

Chibi faces have been added to speech bubbles.

Aya and Ken rushing towards the men has been added to a blank panel.

Horizontal lines added to illust of Aya and Ken.

A brick wall has been drawn in behind Aya and Ken.

Opponent has been drawn in on the final panel.

Chapter 29

Chloe, Mihirogi and Michel have been added to a blank panel.
KR has been added to the final panel.

...That's it for now, I think.
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