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SUBBED Juu-Ou-Sei!

Juu-Ou-Sei #1 (SUBBED)
Juu-Ou-Sei #2 (SUBBED)
Juu-Ou-Sei #3 (SUBBED)

I was on my lunch break on Thursday, when I saw Kitagawa Daisuke-san giving a free mini concert in a small area just off the main street to promote his new single, 'Acacia no Hito'. He waved at me when I arrived. After a number of songs, he sat down and did a signing. By then, I had to go back to work though.

The only reason I was going along the main street was to see if there were any tickets left for the Sony Fest. And there were! I couldn't believe it. I'm going on Sunday afternoon and will hopefully see Hoshi Souichirou-san, Ishida Akira-san and Suzumura Ken'ichi-san.

The week after, I'm going to see Naruto and Rock'n Jam II. And the week after that, I'm going to see Seki Toshihiko-san's new play, so I'm looking forward to that too. I'm so lucky!

Yesterday, Sensei helped me sign up at Tsutaya. She told me that if I couldn't list my keitai number as my phone number, she'd give them her's. But, as it happens, keitai numbers are just fine and the clerk from before was just being an arsehole. *sigh* It happens.

Afterwards, we went to Saizeriya for lunch. I actually kinda like Saizeriya -- it does reasonable food cheaply. Sadly, I had to leave for work not long after that.

Speaking of food, I keep thinking about something I could write for BBSS involving raamen. This is due to two different raamen shops. The first was established when the current owner defied his master, one of the most famous raamen chefs in Tokyo, to found his own raamen shop and to create his own style. This shop is the most well-known in the area now and you can regularly see large queues outside his shop. More to the point, isn't that the perfect plot for an anime?

The second shop is near the biggest shopping centre(?) in this prefecture and has several large boards with bios of the chefs. There are two cute apprentices -- 24 years old each, one of them born in Kanagawa. I know this because the board actually goes into detail about this and their photos wouldn't look out of place in a photobook, bar the fact they're both wearing the outfit of a raamen chef. Next to each, they have a photo of their speciality raamen. There's also an older man, the master. Actually, I thought his raamen photo looked nicer and I plan to try his raamen next week.

Combine the concept of 'raamen idol' and 'split from master to create own style' and I think there's something to be written. :P

I went to karaoke on Sunday night -- it was awful! kuroe got massively drunk and I had to get him home before the trains stopped running - and it was in a part of Narita about a ten minute bus ride from anywhere.

Also, I remember standing on the seats with Yumi-san to sing 'Kurenai'... I actually kind of suck at karaoke (voice too high, no rhythm), but I love it so much!

I also rented some videos/DVDs! I got the live-action Cutie Honey film, which is awesome in a really bad way. Not that it takes itself seriously. I definitely recommend it if you like bad, campy films that are all plastic and sparkles.

Also rented one of the first episodes (around #24) of Tennis no Oujisama -- kuroe hasn't seen most of it, so we're starting from the beginning. Wasn't that a cicada that Inui dug up in the opening...? It made me laugh. Nervously.

Apparently Shounen Jump has eight colour pages on the Tennis no Oujisama movie. I really hope I can get to see that in the cinema. I saw that the Making Of DVD was available to rent in the video shop, but I didn't get it. Should probably see the movie first. Also, I think I saw something about a Death Note anime, to be shown on Nihon TV. Don't quote me on that, though -- it hasn't made it to Moonphase yet, so I wonder if I'm right. ^^ On the other hand, it was just a matter of time, really.
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