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But, because of the rain, I bought trainers instead. I was putting this off -- although I desperately needed running shoes of some kind, I'd heard that finding shoes that fit in Japan was terribly hard and expensive. So I tried on the first 899en pair that looked okay. They fitted. The end. (I also got an information pack for a nearby gym. Definitely more intimidating.)

In the evening, I watched Ouran and it was probably my favourite episode yet! I really do love the twins.

Today, I went to Harajuku. There weren't that many bands and the areas where they usually play were swallowed up by second-hand clothes, stolen goods and traditional food vendors. I bought a Union Jack necktie, but that was it.

However, much to my surprise, the Harajuku RUIDO had toujitsu-ken for the NaB's! While I really wanted to see them, I thought I didn't stand a chance because I didn't know how to pre-buy the tickets, but from the looks of the people in line clutching their tickets in the Lawson Ticket wrapper, I guess they were available from Loppi after all. So, that's another thing I've learned about lives in Japan. (Almost) everything has an L-code, whether they say it on the website or not.

Anyway, ticket-buying was easy and non-stressful, because the NaB's staff seem to be aware of the size of their audience and try to be fair to them. I was toujitsu-ken, so I was at the back of the line. Everyone else was in ticket number order, which I think is exactly the way it should be done. Seriously, congratulations to the staff.

I've been to the RUIDO only once before, for the 'Papa to Kiss in the Dark' event and it was just as small as I remembered. There were even less people though, which surprised me. Maybe... fifty, at most? Probably not even that. In any case, even with the central piece of staging, I was about two metres from Kenn. And mere centimetres from him, Karl and Rasta the times they decided to come into the middle staging area. The lighting was such that I'm pretty sure they could see and recognise all of us. 'Intimate' is an understatement!

Anyway, the show kicked off with an advert for Wake Up Your Heart and then went straight into... um (Shounan West Parking was the title, I think). Whatever it was, it was funny as anything. In this short film, they were three Akiba-style otaku, playing with their plastic figures in front of a parking lot. Along came Kenn, who insulted them and threw away their otaku paraphernalia. The next day, they're all sitting together and all of the NaB's have evolved into otaku. So they founded the A-Boys... At this point, I figured it must've been done all in one shoot with minimal editing since almost all of them were clearly holding back their laughter.

Anyway, the screen rose and all the NaB's appeared except Kenn. They launched into Wake Up Your Heart and Kenn started singing... from behind us! He ran through the audience up to the stage.

The thing about Wake Up Your Heart (and a good number of other songs) is that there are hand movements that draw enough attention to you to make you look like a fool if you can't remember them. I'm glad they started with that song, since I could remember the moves from the Jump Fest...

Anyway, they played Stormy Love. I LOVE THAT SONG. It's my favourite and the very first NaB's song I ever heard. I was so happy! The other songs, too, were energetic and really got everyone jumping... and moshing?

The encore was the strangest ever. They went away and... came back as the A Boys from the opening film! Me = *DEAD* I was laughing so hard! Kenn was protectively stroking his plastic figure too. They sang a song IN CHARACTER and about half way through the song, they got up and rushed off because an anime was starting. ...Then they came back in NaB's t-shirts and did another.

And, finally, they showed an 'omake' to mark the end of the show. Outtakes from the opening film!

I'm seriously considering joining their fanclub -- the only thing that holds me back (as with all the other groups I like) is that I think I'd get upset pretty fast if all the events were on Sunday, as seems to be the case. Hmm. Just something to think about.

You can read hinoai's review here and dilettantka's review here. They went to the later show and it's surprising how many of the details are different!
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