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The other day I was at a different branch; the rice fields just before Usui are gorgeous. One of the first things you see when you fly into Japan; I can remember seeing them on the Skyliner and thinking how amazing it would be to live here!

After spending some time at the netcafe where I saw some pictures that talithax posted of Chloe, her Dollfie, I went to Lalaport. I wandered through an arcade and, when I came out the other side, I discovered a shop I'd never been to before.

A Volks shop.

I've wanted a Dollfie for ages, but never found what I was looking for online. Put simply, I want a male doll that I can customise without spending a fortune. Oh, and I also want to know what I'm doing. Most sites assume basic familiarity with these dolls and a prior knowledge of all the shapes and sizes they come in. "Beginners'" sites tell you how to mold the eyes properly, or whatever. I'm sure there is a site that has what I want -- but I don't know the search terms for it.

Anyway, I bought a cheap male base. And some eyes. And a black thong, since it was on discount. I don't think I have a head -- there was one included in the base, but it doesn't seem to fit or be the right size. It makes the neck look too long.

Anyway, as I approached the till, a sales clerk approached me and steered me to the furthest till, away from a group of people that had gathered there. When I looked over, they were all admiring one of the larger sizes of Dollfie. It was wearing black PVC, including a black PVC mask and had black stilletoes. It was holding a whip.

Suddenly, everyone was nervous, even while still admiring it. By my purchases, it was clear that this was my first foray into the world of Dollfie and I looked like a rich foreign businessperson on top of all that[*].

[*No, seriously. This is what people (who don't know me!) tell me when I'm in work clothes.]

"Ah, that looks awesome!" I exclaimed, to reassure them. They relaxed.

And having paid, I left. The other sales clerk bowed very deeply and apologised in the strongest possible terms, even though I said it was okay.

...Who'd've thought it? Provocative dolls in a Dollfie shop!? I'm shocked. (And really, to a person who apparently thought it more important getting revealing underwear than hair...)

Anyway, I'm going to go to Nakano next Tuesday or Wednesday, to see if I can get a good head (no jokes, please!). Any advice is welcome, including anything I might've missed. Do I need to do anything to the base apart from find a head and wig?

His name is Ran (蘭), by the way.

After that, I saw V For Vendetta with kuroe, which was my main reason for going to Lalaport.

It was pretty good, although they changed a lot from the comic, as far as I can remember. However, the last time I read that was maybe ten years ago. It was one of those comics, along with stuff like Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics or Watchmen, that everyone said you had to read in order to be considered a True Comics Geek. Back then, of course, it was commentary on Thatcher, rather than Bush and Blair. The update is appreciated and necessary, although it hits close to home.

The protagonist is presented as the closest thing to 'good' in the VFV world, doing something that needs to be done about the government. This 'thing that needs to be done' includes killing people and blowing up buildings using a London Underground train. Most people, in this world, would clearly see that as wrong, although we're made to see it from the other side in the film. This film poses the question as to whether terrorism from people or the goverment is worse and comes up with its own answer. It's an uncomfortable answer, because we know the real world results.

We can take a step back and say that the film depicting the blowing up of the Houses of Parliament is the revolutionary act, not the act as the film describes it, but there's that obvious gap between the movie and reality that most Britons are aware of.

Of course, it's just a film, just like 'A Modest Proposal' was just a recipe suggestion. The parallels are very obviously there and it's foolish to pretend this isn't a satirical commentary on the world today. But perhaps it's my mistake to look for Meaning in a Hollywood film.

It was nice hearing British accents, even though they screwed up pronunciations of certain words in places and sometimes things just sounded too British to be real. It felt like they were using 'Britishisms' to avoid using actual swear words. But, it was still nice to hear. I often think that 'turning American' is far more likely than 'turning Japanese' in Japan. All I hear and read in daily life is American English. It slowly changes your vocabulary.

Finally, I seem to remember internet debate at the time over the identity of V, even though the author would never say. Many theories revolved around whether it was her father or not, although that seems to have been completely thrown out by the film. kuroe suggests it was Valerie, something that I don't recall having seen before.

Link from arisuesei:

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