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ガンダムSEED DESTINY・・・映画化!

Wow! I went to the Sony Music Anime Fes 06 today with dilettantka for the Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny Stage. I was going only for the seiyuu, since I've watched only two episodes in total.

I had an INCREDIBLE time!

I met Eda at Harajuku station and, after getting some goods, we tried Gundam Kuji. In Britain, we'd call it 'Lucky Dip' but that term is apparently unknown in America. Anyway, you put your hand into a plastic machine with lots of paper being blown around and pick out one. Depending on what's written on the piece of paper, you get a different prize. I got a Haro case, a Haro mug and the head of Gundam. I think that's what Heero finds in his bed when he's crossed someone -- works better than a horse.

After that, we went inside. I want getting kinda panicky because I had different seats from everyone else and there was a man saying everyone with arena seats should go towards the white tent. But with people surrounding me from all sides, I had nowhere to go but forward. So I did. And it was okay. And I never saw a white tent.

(While waiting inside, they showed various different adverts on the screens. The screams for TM Revolution with angel wings were quite something...)

Anyway, first up was Hoshi Souichirou-san. He was wearing a sparkly reddish pink shirt and a white shirt-jacket over the top. He stood up on stage and read a monologue over scenes from Gundam Seed (including sound and dialogue from other characters). I didn't understand the context, but his voice, the script, his impeccable sense of timing... he was so skilled that I was on the verge of tears. He was fantastic!

Next up was TM Revolution! He did Meteor and Invoke, which was great! I love those songs.

After him, was Suzumura Ken'ichi-san. He was wearing a black shirt and loose dark green tie with a white shirt-jacket over the top. Lovely hair too. This is kind of where I fell to pieces... I can barely remember what he said; a few lines here and there about not being alone anymore and everyone being the same. But, again, his voice was superb and his timing was amazing. I can't even begin to imagine the skill involved in getting such a piece right first time and with timed interruptions from the film you're doing the voice over to. Suzumura-san also does this little eyebrow twitch whenever he's doing a dramatic line... so cute! But I was in tears by the end of it. He's so SO talented~! Why do I only know about his work as an uke in BL??

I can't remember who was up next, but I can sneak a peak at dilettantka's review and confidently say it was Arisaka Mika-san. I was still a little shaky as I stood up... ^^;; Was she the one that shouted 'Good evening~!', or was that Tamaki-san? Since it was 3pm, it kinda confused me!

I can't remember the rest of the order really (even though they reminded us of it right at the very end!), but there was Takahashi Hitomi-san doing that song that she's always singing in the ad breaks of various anime I watch, plus High and Mighty Color doing a song that I didn't know that I knew. Also more TM Revolution. Very entertaining.

Nearer to the end, it was Ishida Akira-san's turn. He also wore a white shirt-jacket over a black and white polo, I think. Poor Ishida-san.... He seems to be voicing a fan-favourite, so his dramatic monologue was interrupted by a number of squeals. His timing was still pretty reasonable though. Like the other seiyuu, he was reading from a script, but never paused even though he clearly wasn't on the same page, but flicking through. At a guess, they all had it memorised and the script was 'just in case'.

Finally, all three seiyuu appeared together and said a few lines. *delight*

It was SO much fun, even for the likes of me who's never seen much of the show (although the first two videos are now waiting to be watched when I get home!). There was never a pause before moving to the next shiny thing. I still can't believe this is the kind of thing I got to see on a chance day off! Finally, you may be interested to know they announced a new GUNDAM SEED movie!

You can read dilettantka's review here.
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