William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I had a great time today! I went to Sensei's house -- we were making tenpura, she said. But really, she made it while I studied the JLPT book she got me and the program of one of her daughter's Taiwanese concerts. I was thinking of doing JLPT 4, but my teacher says it's too easy and I should be able to do level three... to which I said 「サンキュー」. Sorry!

She has a really nice husky dog called June, who keeps eating slippers. She was SO cute! Speaking of animals, outside we saw a cat and a yamori (守宮). My dictionary says a yamori is a house lizard or gecko... but anyway, it's a small, cute lizard with two yellow stripes down its back.

The dinner Sensei made was incredible... There were three kinds of tenpura (ebi, kai and satsumaimo), a bowl of soy sauce, rice, asari in miso, chawanmushi and kyuuri no sunomono. I ate it, but I'm still not sure if I like chawanmushi... It was like ginkgo nuts and katsuo in custard.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the theatre again~! Going to see Seki Toshihiko-san!
Tags: japan life

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