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I went to see ~Mori no Ishimatsu Gaiden II~ Ishimatsu to Tosa no Yobaretare this evening, which is best described as a Japanese pantomine.

I totally adore Seki Toshihiko-san! He danced like a tanuki and cross-dressed, and I don't know about anyone else, but that counts as a good evening's entertainment for me.

It takes place around the time of the Bunkyuu era (I think!), which meant all the cast were in traditional clothing (or tanuki outfits!). Basically, the plot is that all the main characters (including Kishino Yukimasa-san, Seki Toshihiko-san and Iizuka Mayumi-san) go into the forest and face the tanuki, who like to sing, dance and disguise themselves as flowers and butterflies.

Everything was pretty over-the-top, and included face-faults from the cast. Just like you'd expect from a pantomine. It also included token fanservice (a m/m kiss, to the delight of much of the audience, many of whom started clapping).

I was really impressed by Seki-san's vocal performance. During the comedic parts he used a higher voice than usual, but occasionally he'd dip down into the range he's most associated with. Quite strange to hear! I'd love to see him act in a serious role and see how he approaches it. I'm curious as to how much of that was how he acts and how much of that was how he acts for over-the-top comedy (the twitchy facial expressions!?).

[I actually write posts on my home comp and just copy and paste at the net cafe, but since I had a handful of comments from people asking me about Seki-san, I guess I'm going to have to explain the cross-dressing comment a little more, right? The tanuki want the young girl in the party, so the other characters hand her over... 'She's' covering her eyes and you can't see her face. Anyway, when 'she' is handed over, it turns out she's Seki-san in drag! He grinned like a madman, I swear!

Toujitsuken looked like they were really easy to get, although I'm not too sure about the final nights.]

I got WARD the other day, with the continuation of Weiss Side B! Ah, it was really good! There were some really interesting moments (revelations?) including the fact that Chloe's hair used to be red and he dyes it blond, presumably in homage to the real Chloe. This also required a few pages flashback of chibi!Chloe in his grammar school uniform. Youji turned up and NOT as a flashback AND being called by his real name by Asuka. They never met the team, although Aya IS aware they're there. I wonder what happened...? Oh, and Aya's hair IS noticeably longer in this chapter. Will post a rough translation soon. About half an hour?

Will get you your copy nekojita. Just e-mail me your name and address.

The other day I went to Akihabara for Dollfie clothing. Thanks for your directions, dilettantka!

I got some nice things and Ran has now hair, a necklace, a top and jeans. The top actually looks like it's meant for a female Dollfie since it's more tailored than a male Dollfie needs. But Ran doesn't mind. :)

Oh, still no eyes. I've yet to put them on. I also got him some boots, but I've no idea how to put them on him since his feet are too big. I guess I have to take his feet off to get them on, but how? I don't want to break the joints.

Here are some pictures of him. Please remember that he isn't finished yet.

Ran // Ran // Ran // Ran

Do you think I should cut his hair? I really like the long hair, but I always planned for it to be much shorter. It also weighs his head down. Any tips for when/if I do cut it?

Finally, I note that full Dollfie maid outfits are plentiful in Akihabara, not to mention fetish items. Ran is curious...

From Moonphase:
  • Further confirmation that DEATH NOTE will be animated.

    I've agreed to do overtime... No days off next week. ;_;
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