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Wow, where do I begin with the Nerima Daikon Brothers event!?



Yes, I think that sums it up nicely. *squee*

It was held in the SME (Sony Music Entertainment) Nogizaka Building near Roppongi. I was surprised by how many people turned up for the event, since judging by the amount of people there, NDB seems pretty popular compared with the other events I've been to (Gundam Seed doesn't count!). There were two shows and I guess maybe a hundred people showed up each time.

Anyway, we filed in and took our seats. The first thing that happened was that the usual rules were read out (no photography, mobiles, etc) over the speakers in the voice of the pandaikon (the show's mascot).

A couple of minutes later, Inoue Marina-san (Yukika) came on singing a new version of her usual solo ("Iiiiii'm deka, police...") which ended with a sung plea to by their CD. Heh.

Everyone appeared in NDB cosplay... including NABESHIN!!! He was never listed on the guest list! He was dressed exactly as he appears in all his other anime (plus jeans). I confess I wondered at first if that was his real hair (you know his anime alter-ego...? Just like that!), but after a while I realised that it was.

There followed a talk where clips of the TV broadcast and the DVD version were shown and discussed. Apparently, a few things had to be cut for the TV broadcast and the DVD version of Nerima is more offensive than ever. Lots of sausages and twitching kyuuri on display there.

Then they talked about their favourite scenes. Matsumoto Ayano-san's was a scene with Mako and 'Yuukeru Jackson', who Nabeshin kept referring to as Michael Jackson anyway. ^^ And Matsumoto-san referred to Nerima Land as Disneyland by accident too... she was a little embarrassed, I think. Matsuzaki Shigeru-san likes shouting random phrases in English and acting like Barry White. :P

They talked about the show more and then came the live section of the show. They all sang the opening theme in cosplay, just like they do in the promo video. It was so cool!

Next was the 'janken taikai'. You shout a set phrase (it's usually "Saisho wa guu, Janken PON!") and then make either 'rock', 'paper' or 'scissors' and see if it beats the personality on stage. If it's the losing shape or the same, you sit down. If it beats their shape, you stay standing until only one person is left. This time the personality was Nabeshin and the phrase was 'Nabeshin de pon!'. Anyway, the lights were on the audience and then suddenly...

"Hey, there're foreigners!"

...I think that was Nabeshin! Suddenly, out of a hundred people, the spotlights were on myself and kuroe! Matsuzaki-san shouted (in English!) "Where ya from!?". I was so nervous/surprised I was shaking, but I managed to shout back that we were from Britain. All the seiyuu were going "Wow, English people...!"

And so, we managed to pass the first round. Nabeshin noticed this and expressed his happiness that we were still in with a chance. I'm usually pretty good at janken, but I kinda lost it at that point... I was too stunned. When we were eliminated, everyone was "aww... that's sad".

I was still shaking, and it was time for the handshake event. A lot of the girls started applying hand lotion and squealing because after a while some of the seiyuu were hugging some of the fans ("Uwaa! No way!").

Worth noting, if anyone reading this is thinking about going to such an event, is that I get the impression that it's better if you're not in the first group to go up and shake hands with the seiyuu. The first few groups seem to be moved along quite quickly, but it slows down as people find their own pace. If you're later in the queue, you can get away with longer conversations. I don't believe any of the first group got any hugs.

The first person I shook hands with was Matsuzaki-san (Hideki). He had a very warm handshake and I said thank-you, he said thank you and asked how long I was staying (in English, again!). I told him I lived here and we started talking, but I had to move on a little while afterwards because there were about a hundred people to get through.

Next was Matsumoto-san (Mako). I said thank you and she replied with 'thank you' in English(!). We laughed, then all of a sudden, *glomp!*. She glomped me! She comes across as a really sweet and genuine person -- I'd love to see what else she can do, since I think she's still quite young and hasn't had many roles yet. But she's truly adorable. <3

Finally, Morikubo-san (Ichirou)!! I wish I could remember what I said. I know I said thank-you and he said thank you, but I was kind of dazed. Morikuba Shoutarou-san!! But it finished with him giving me a hug and it was nice and warm... I think he looks cuter without the Nerima Daikon sunglasses. :) kuroe (who never writes in his LJ) would like me to tell you that he received a 'manly' (complicated) handshake from him.

At some point, Nabeshin had appeared. He wasn't behind the hand-shake tables, just standing to the side, so I guess people weren't sure if they could talk to him or not. But some other people before us had, so I stopped and thanked him. He said thank you and asked if I was studying Japanese. I said 'yes' and he smiled...

At that point, I was by the door and received my free poster and walked out, so so so happy! A fantastic event!!
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