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Made two bids on Yahoo Auctions for Tenimyu tickets. I found an auction for two tickets but when I tried to bid, it asked me to enter how many I wanted. If the auction price was for BOTH those tickets, it was really good; if it was for ONE of those two tickets, it was obscene! Confused...

Anyway, two bids for two different times on a Tuesday. If I win both auctions, I won't be too upset. Surprisingly, considering how quickly I heard this performance's tickets sold out, tickets are MUCH cheaper than last time.

Edit: A winner is me. Twice over, too. Oops! ^_^

My study methods have sunk to a new low. I now own a book of logic problems. In Japanese. I find them fun...

Haven't talked about any new anime recently -- all the new titles announced seem to be focused on pretty girls. Perhaps it seems hypocritical to complain since I like pretty boys very much indeed, but I find that the characters in pretty boy anime and pretty girl anime work in completely different ways. Everyone can think of many anime where the pretty boys are mysterious and strong, perhaps with military uniforms and equally everyone can think of many anime where the pretty girls are bubble-headed, cute and brainless, perhaps with maid outfits. Basically, pretty boys generally appeal to positive stereotypes and pretty girls to negative stereotypes.

Even when you make the boys do exactly what the girls have to do (Princess Princess, anyone?), the emotions it's meant to generate and the way it portrays its subject is completely different. Princess Princess works because men being viewed by other men in the same way they look at women is just 'WEIRD', y'know? I wanted to write 'male gaze' in there, but this is an LJ entry, not an essay...

The writing is actually going pretty well. I'll probably post the first chapter in my writing journal in a day or two.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,000 / 80,000

Anyone want to recommend any scifi-ish MP3s? Origa's Calling and Covenant's Like Tears In Rain are excellent writing songs.
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