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I'm definitely watching Princess Princess D tonight! Although I haven't seen the first episode... I do hope I haven't missed any plot!

I saw Ouran last night and one thing that struck me was how well each episode reflects the flower-viewing seasons in Japan. This would NEVER have occurred to me were I not living here. Cherry blossom was a major feature of the second (?) episode when there was a party at night and the blossom swirled around everyone. It was beautiful and precisely coincided with the time that everyone was going to hanami parties. Last night's episode showed lots of hydrangeas in the foreground... and, sure enough, everyone loves hydrangeas right now!

Tanabata soon... I haven't even started on the promised fic, even though I have plenty of ideas. Just haven't had the time, and when I have I've felt like writing my ongoing novel more. I can't believe how busy I've been though. I'm not even sure what with!

I went to a Tanabata party on Monday. We watched a short anime about one of the stories behind it (which I hated -- a man steals a Tennyo's kimono and so she can't return to heaven. So he marries her and they have a baby and... Well. That man didn't need marriage and a baby, he needed his arse kicked.)

After that, we wrote out our wishes on coloured paper, read them out, and attached them to a bamboo tree. I wrote 'I want to write a novel', but everyone else had written things like 'I want to improve my Japanese'. Although one person wanted to win the lottery...

Mine is the red one // Tanabata bamboo

I also saw a huge decorated bamboo tree at Nippori station (on the Yamanote Line).

D.Gray-man is getting animated. Old news perhaps? Can't wait for it though!
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