William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Wow, Princess Princess D is AWESOME! I can't believe how fanservicey it is! All those boys in soft-focus and trying to kiss each other and a karaoke segment... (Although those clothes seem to be Sweet Lolita style, even though it was Gothic Lolita elsewhere... perhaps the Baby The Stars Shine Bright logo in the credits holds the key?)

I am having a little difficulty telling the characters apart (not that it really matters) since the boys look so different in costume. Not to mention they don't have colour-coded hair anymore.

Who's Hanazono, btw? I don't remember him. His finger-snapping thing makes him kind of reminds me of a gay Atobe.


Okay, a REALLY gay Atobe.

It's just wonderful... and I subsequently wrote about 90% of a Tanabata story like I said I would. I was kind of imagining lots of angst (lovers unable to meet except for once a year, etc), but it's actually going to be a sequel to 'Man's Best Friend'. Yaoi crack, in other words. Thank you Princess Princess D!

Finally, I managed to send money to the person that has my Tenimyu tickets!

But now I have to go to work. At an unusual time. For no reason. Something wrong again, maybe...?
Tags: princess princess, writing
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