William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I went to the post office today, romanised half of a song and am now off to work! It's worth getting up early... but it's still too hot. I'm not even wearing a jacket (which makes me wonder how safe it is drinking tea with just a white shirt on).

Anyway, below is a part-romanisation of Treasure, taken from the karaoke segment of ep 2. I have NO idea how accurate it is because all the kanji are fuzzy and I'm just reading from the general outline of the characters.

Oh, and it's only half a song because it's cut off half way through. Not because I couldn't be bothered. :)

Princess Princess D

清く正しく麗しく! ナリユキ任せて輝け
気付かぬうちに磨かれて驚く程 beauty&cutie
本音隠しているうちに 裏腹に身についてきた
僕らの深層心理に 芽生えた美意識

そうさ、一度しかない 今を精一杯生きていただけさ
どんな夢を描くよりも 今起こるすべてを感じたい

君と出逢えた事は Treasure
強い絆はきっと Jewelry

黄昏の空 見上げて語り合う 僕たちは
無限の可能性(ちから) 心に秘めているから

常に優雅に美しく! ナリキリ笑顔で輝け…

Kiyoku tadashiku uruwashiku! NARIYUKI makasete kagayake
Kizukanu uchi ni migakarete odoroku hodo beauty & cutie
Honne kakushiteiru uchi ni urahara ni mi ni tsuite kita
Bokura no shinzou shinri ni mebaeta biishiki

Sou sa, ichido shika nai ima wo seiippai ikite ita dake sa
Donna yume wo egaku yori mo ima okoru subete wo kanjitai

Kimi to deaeta koto wa Treasure
Tsuyoi kizuna wa kitto Jewelry

Tasogare no sora miagete katariau bokutachi wa
Mugen no chikara kokoro ni himete iru kara

Tsune ni yuuga ni utsukushiku! NARIKIRI egao de kagayake...

So much more to say, but I really need to get to work...!
Tags: lyrics, princess princess

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