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It's Day of the Sea or Ocean Day or or Marine Day or Umi no Hi today -- whatever you want to call it, since there are a billion different translations for it. Amusingly, this is meant to be a day you can swim in the sea and respect it, but yesterday it started raining heavily for the first time in a couple of months. So no one visited the sea and they all turned up at shopping malls instead. The shopping centre where I worked was packed. I found it very difficult to find a place for lunch in which I could be served within the limits of my lunch hour.

Anyway, I met up with kuroe afterwards to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 previews, since it seemed appropriate.

The film had a few good points and a number of bad points. Before I start the cut, thanks to sharona1x2 for pointing out that there was a scene after the credits. They were SO long and I probably would've got bored a lot sooner if I hadn't known for sure.

  • I really liked Elizabeth at first. Disguising herself as a man, holding her own in a fight... That was GREAT.
  • What the hell happened to her character half-way through? She went from being someone who could handle herself to someone who was a) in love with Jack Sparrow b) crazy and throwing rocks c) NO OPINION OF HER OWN ON WHAT TO DO WITH THE CHEST.
  • Did the sea monsters fit into your mind of the PotC world? They seemed incongruous.
  • Was I the only one that didn't know it was a one of a two(?)-parter? Um. I don't like spoilers though, so this is my own fault...
  • "Why is the rum always gone?" Am I the only person sick to death of that line (the original one) and the quoting of it? Anyone?
  • The seamonster crew, not to mention their boat, were really impressive. Yes.

    I have a whole list of movies I want to see really soon:
  • Honey and Clover live action.
  • Lovely Complex live action.
  • Ged Senki.
  • Brave Story.

    Some of these are out now and I haven't had the chance to see them yet. Some of them I haven't even got a firm date for yet beyond 'Summer 2006'.

    Speaking of summer, we've had a real heatwave here. In some parts of Chiba it topped 37 degrees! (I'm trying to decide what to wear to Tenimyu. I always wear something a little bit 'gothic' to events because it gives me a reason to wear my platform goth boots. Due to this I always get a slightly better view than I would otherwise. But goth in this weather...?)

    Princess Princess D was awesome once again and the Black Princesses were lovely! I saw an advert for the Princess Princess anime DVD in between and I think I saw it described as a 'Boy's Like school comedy'. 'Boys Like'? If that's what I think it is, that's a pretty good name for it! And while I remember, I must catch My Boss, My Hero, or whatever it was called. It sounds really stupid. And therefore something I'd like.

    I'm getting up early tomorrow and going to shamisen on the far side of Tokyo at 11.30am. Gah. After that, I'll head back towards Chiba and maybe go and see some fireworks. Which may be somewhere around Kanamachi.

    Random request... I've "helped sing" Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out THREE times at karaoke without ever having heard the original song. Can anyone help me out...? Please?
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