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I didn't actually go to a fireworks display on Tuesday. I looked at the date and realised it was next Tuesday. This was pretty lucky, since it was raining heavily and the festival would've been cancelled anyway. The rain got so bad that they actually closed some train lines in Tokyo and there have been mudslides in other parts of Japan. But the temperature has dropped dramatically, so everyone's relieved; the weather this summer has been really strange, I'm told.

On Tuesday, I went to my shamisen lesson and also started to learn the Japanese flute. The notation is pretty different; for a start, a composition is mostly just a list of numbers in kanji...!

My teacher was pleased because I could get a note out of it, which some people can't do. This was actually only because I studied flute in senior school, although a bamboo flute is a little more difficult because it doesn't have a raised mouthpiece or keys. Sensei gave me a plastic practice flute and told me she's booked a Nou Theatre for March 4th next year, so we can all perform in a concert...! In these concerts, her students perform alongside Japanese and international professionals. I've seen DVD footage and they're amazing!

Afterwards, I went to Shinjuku. I usually go there anyway just to change trains, but I actually decided to look around this time. I had a look in Marui and found the Moi-même-Moitié showroom. But I didn't go in because I was wearing jeans and couldn't help but catch sight of myself in all the mirrors. It made me sad. I've joined a gym and am working on it though. I don't know about the whole 'ideal weight' thing because the more exercise I do, the more weight I gain as muscle replaces fat. But I LOOK thinner and FEEL healthier. My favourite is the My Mountain machine, which is a hiking simulator. :)

Anyway, I went to Harajuku instead, which is a much nicer place! Because of the drop in temperature, I decided to get new gothic-style clothes for Tenimyu. So I've got a nice grey outfit now for less than half the price of a single item in Moitié. I hope Yuki won't be too embarrassed to be seen with me... ^^;;

In completely unrelated news, I'm slowly putting up lots more Weiss Side B translations. There are only six more to do before I've done them all!

I'm also editing the scans I did before I left Britain, although there are so many that it'll be some time before can I put them up. There are some really nice computer-shaded grey scale images of the original designs. I can't remember if these have previously been circulated in the fandom or not (probably!), but I'm putting them up anyway.

Want a preview?

I don't think there's any hurry, because I don't think I have any new scans (maybe some storyboards from the old series?). But if anyone has any preference about whether I finish the WSB translations or finish editing these scans first, let me know.

I went to Yokohama with kuroe on Wednesday. The first thing we did was look in Animate, since we saw it first. I bought some D.Grayman tradable coasters and a pack of Tennis no Oujisama-brand playing cards. I was also tempted by a Fullmetal Alchemist hat (haven't watched most of the series, but that hat was SO cool) and a FFVIII Squall figure (Gunblade included!). Maybe next time. The Princess Princess D photobook comes out very soon too.

After that, the area got worse and I was on the verge of declaring it a dump. We also saw Landmark Tower, said to be the tallest building in Japan. It was a cloudy day, so the top was obscured.

Landmark Tower

After that, we got to area surrounding Chuukagai (Chinatown) and everything was much nicer.

Chuukagai I // Chuukagai II

At Chuukagai, I bought some nikuman. There are street traders on every corner with steaming bamboo baskets. It was really good -- much better than the stuff you can buy at the convenience store. I stood to the side and ate it in the rain. Amazing.

After that, we decided to try The China Museum, which describes itself as 'food entertainment'. You pay 500 en to go in and can watch variety shows (the one we saw was based around Saiyuuki) and there are old Chinese dramas playing on tv screens. But mainly, you go in to pay a second time for food.

It's not really as bad as it seems. It's a bit touristy, but you get food served in nice surroundings and by friendly people. I had some Chinese tea and then some gyouza. While I ate the gyouza, an old anime of Saiyuuki (not THE Saiyuuki!) played on screens behind us.

Chinese flower tea // Chinese jasmine tea

Afterwards, we found that a crowd was starting to gather outside. More and more people arrived until a group danced past with a large paper dragon.

Paper dragon I // Paper dragon II // Percussionists // Parade

Firecrackers were let off and more dragons and people on stilts arrived. Eventually, the mikoshi (a portable shrine) turned up and we realised we'd walked straight into a festival parade!

Mikoshi I // Mikoshi II

They walked to the two Chuukagai shrines and it was just amazing. The firecrackers that they kept letting off were really loud though! I talked to one of the ladies at the shrine, who was in traditional dress. After I took a picture with her, she spoke to me in English and you know what she said? "Please check out the Chinatown webpage."

Temple I // Temple II // Temple III // Temple IV

After that, we went to the harbour. Anyone remember that song 'Blue Light Yokohama'? I used to love that, but I don't have it on my computer any more. Thinking about it at the harbour made me happy and feeling so lucky to be able to see all this.

Landmark Tower // Harbour (Boat and ferris wheel) // Harbour (Ferris wheel)

We finished off the day by going on the giant ferris wheel near the harbour and heading to Starbucks.

View from ferris wheel // Ferris wheel // Landmark Tower from ferris wheel
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