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Yesterday, I went to festival or 'matsuri' after work. It was so much fun! There were tons of floats with lots of people pulling them and they clapped whenever they passed another float. My favourite was a man? woman? does it matter? in a kitsune mask and long white wig. She/He was dancing and waving some kind of banner. There were no cars and they'd sealed off well more than a mile of streets for vendors and floats.

And then I ate! I had shaved ice; you paid for the ice and then you could help yourself to whatever syrup you wanted. All the adults chose just one colour, but I noticed the kids picked two! So I had peach and melon... Pink and green!

Then I had freshly-barbequed yakitori... and there was even a traditional British Turkish kebab stand! I didn't go there because the queue was too long.

I finished off with 'jaga-butter'. It was the nicest jacket potato I've ever had. You get a potato, you salt it yourself and then you add butter. You eat it with chopsticks in the rain... amazing. ♥ Such an incredible atmosphere!

Today, I went to the Volks shop in my lunch break. I really want a new Dollfie! But I spent too long looking and was almost late back to work. Clearly my gym visits are paying off...

The option that tempts me most is Ryuk, but I'm not sure I could do her justice yet. Still haven't found a way to pop the feet off. I did see a new way to style anime hair that tempts me very much though.

Poll #776952 Ran's new friend...

Who should be Ran's new friend?

Ryuk (Death Note)
Free (WSB)
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)
Seimei (Loveless)
Someone from Tennis no Oujisama
Someone else
Radio button!

I also got a ticket to see Dopondo. I have no idea what that means. I can't even form a coherent meaning for the kanji in the title (陥人). I only know that Tsuda Kenjirou-san is in the cast. I suck...

Btw, in case you weren't aware of it, I have one personal filter on this journal. There's only one condition to getting on it -- you have to know me well enough to ask in the first place. :)
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