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Thank you for all your help regarding the kitten. Currently, he's home with us having seen the vet. He miaows every now and then which is worrying me, but it stops when I stroke him. He doesn't seem to actively choose water or food, but the vet assured me he's been eating all day, so he won't do it immediately. He's only been home two hours, so perhaps that's why. I hope there's no other reason.

Okay. Now I'm a little worried. Three hours and he hasn't drunk anything here. Is that normal? I presume they gave him water at the vets. But THREE hours? I think he may be trying to sleep, but I'm so worried. More than anything, I wish someone was here with me that knew what they were doing.

I just saw him eating pretty vigorously. That's a good sign. But what about drinking? I tipped a little water into his food, but it's not enough.

Anyway... here's what happened. We got up to go to the vet at eight o'clock after almost no sleep and lots of crying. When we got there, the vet took one look at him and told us there was nothing he could do for him and the only thing we could do was to put him back where we found him. Maybe the mother would come back for him, because the only thing that would help now would be her milk.

When we found him, he was sitting in the middle of the road unable and unwilling to move. He was blind! ...But it was a vet telling us this. It's a very appealing thought that if you leave things as they are, they'll be okay, especially when it's a trained medic telling you that. So we left Train by the side of the road. Not the middle this time.

James had already booked a train to Kyoto at this point and had to leave.

I was on my way to work four hours later and he was still there, looking more pathetic than ever. I pretty much had a breakdown right there and then. There was nothing I could do but leave him. The vet said so. So I tried the animal rescue charity listed in Metropolis for a second opinion. No answer. I called James and he suggested I ask the people at the corner whose house it was. They had dogs and treated them well.

I knocked on their door and apologised and apologised and explained the problem. A man came round and had a look at the cat and told me of an animal hospital not very far away at all. After much discussion about the cat, he took me there and had a long detailed discussion with the receptionist about whether they could take him in or not. Turns out this was actually about how much it would cost and if they would do it free of charge.

Then he wrapped him up in one of his towels and took me there. Train was treated very well. The pus and blood was vigorously cleaned out of his eyes, and lots of ointment smeared on his face, around his nose. They took a stool sample.

After that, they basically force-fed him. Prised his jaws open and got him to understand what food was and that it was edible. He was happy to eat afterwards.

I had to go to work at the point, but I promised to be back very soon. I was so distracted and my work was really bad. I was neither awake nor focused.

When I got back to the vets, they gave Train back to me in a box with special padding and some kitten food. And yes, it was free of charge as I suspected. I was relieved.

What happens now? Obviously, we're going to look after Train until he's better, but ultimately I don't think we have room for a cat. But who's going to take in a blind kitten...? And I don't think I can take care of a kitten for more than a few days without wanting to keep him. Give Train away or keep him? Either decision is the wrong one.

I really can't deal with this at all. I'm completely on my own here.
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